Authors of the Books of the Bible!

I thought this might be interesting for you to have.  Put it on paper a long time ago.

MOSES: Gen. 1450-1410 BC     Exod. 1450-1410 BC     Lev. 1450-1410 BC                        Nos. 1450-1410    Duet. 1450 BC

JOSHUA:     1400-1370 BC

SAMUEL (and others).   1 Sam. 930 BC and later    2 Sam. 930 BC and later

JEREMIAH:  1 Kings 550 BC    2 Kings 550 BC    Jere.  627-585 BC

EZRA:  1 Chron. 450-425 BC    2 Chron. 450-425 BC    Ezra 450-444 BC

NEHEMIAH:  445-425 BC

SOLOMON: (and others). Prov. 950-700 BC    Eccel.  935 BC   Song of Sol. 965 BC

HOSEA:  710 BC

ISAIAH:  740-680 BC

JOEL:  835 BC

EZEKIEL: 592-597 BC

AMOS:  755 BC

OBADIAH:  841-586 BC



MICHA:  700 BC

HABAKKUK:  606-604 BC



ZECHARIAH:  520-518 BC

MALACHI:  450-400 BC



Judges:  1050-1000 BC

Ruth:  1000 BC

Esther:  46 BC

Job:  (uncertain)

Psalms:  Various


Hebrews:  64-88 AD



JAMES:  45-50 AD

Matthew:  50’s or 60’s AD

MARK:  50’s or 60’s AD

LUKE:  60 AD    Acts 61 AD

PAUL:  Rom. 57-58 AD    1 Cor. 55 AD    2 Cor. 56 AD    Gal. 49 or 55 AD   Ephes. 6:1 AD

Col. 61 AD  1 Thess. 51 AD    2 Thess. 51 AD    1 Tim. 63-66 AD    2 Tim. 67 AD

Philemon 61 AD

PETER:  1 Peter 63, 64 AD.    2 Peter 66 AD

Titus 63-66 AD

Jude:  70-80 AD

JOHN:  John 85-90 AD   1 John: 90 AD    2 John: 90 AD    3 John: 90 AD    Rev. 90’s AD

Remember that John was the last one to live.  He is the one who wrote for all men, wanting to be sure that all that had happened in his lifetime was made clear for all future generations to have.  And….WE HAVE IT….thanks to all of the above who were directed by The Holy Spirit.

The above are the AUTHORS of the Books of the Bible.  Tomorrow we will show the year that each Book was written. In the NT, James was the first to write.  I think it is very interesting to have.  Enjoy!

Marge – In His Hands!




Yes! I wish we could, too!! And 6/20 and 6/21 is coming!!

Some emails have come in with regards to my posting of April 14th.  One was very funny but I have to say I wish we could too.

The email spoke of us getting together with coffee and doughnuts and talking about down-sizing.  This gal is in Fargo, N.D.  (She has lived in the same farmhouse for 56 years.  Can you imagine what it must look like!!  All of the memories!!) Can’t you all imagine that you who have addressed issues with me for answering,  if you would all get on a plane and come out west we would have those doughnuts and coffee and talk and talk and talk, and three hours later you all would board the plane for home.  lol

I wish we could.  Really.  I do!!  But really, I am so grateful that somehow we met on a Blog, though I will never know how you found me.  We have shared and I always pray that you have received something to use in your own personal life.  When we age, things do not become easier – at times they seem to be more than we can take.

One of you asked why I went to such small bins and why only two of everything.  I can only answer with my own reasoning.  I am 82, almost 83.  My strength is growing less and less as the weeks go by.  My back does not take too much.  I have observed Assisted Living gals who are in their mid 90’s and their strength is very slim.  One of the ladies is 98 and yet she comes for breakfast every morning.  Is so very graceful in every way.  Always looks so nice too.They are frail little ladies but oh – – so very sweet to know.  As I have seen little ladies here, they do not need more than two of any thing to use.  They do not do their own laundry.  They do not make the bed each day. they simply use less and less of everything as the years go by.  If they want to mail a card, they purchase a stamp here and the caregiver takes it out to the mailbox for them.

As you read re my shoes, right now I have lots of them, but down the road and who know when that will be, I will need shoes to have someone else put on my feet. One of the little ladies who sits at my breakfast table, is late sometimes for breakfast because she has trouble getting the shoe on her left foot so she waits for one of the caregivers to come help her.  The issues are all so very real.  I am so glad I have been here, because it helps me to be more patient and to realize that everything I once did has no option in my life any more.

What comes around, goes around.  We started life as a new-born baby, some one else kept us clean, dressed us and fed us.  As we became old, someone else keeps us clean and dresses us as we need it,  and sees that we get fed.

We were made from dust and we will return to dust. With one difference, in-between our arrival and our exit, our souls have been intact and what we have done with the One who has created us makes a difference as to how and where our souls will land forever.

Before I had bigger containers, approx.12″x24″.  One sat on top of the other.  These had lids on them.  If I wanted something in the bottom container, I had to lift down the other 3 that were on top of the bottom one.  I simply don’t have the room nor the strength to do lifting any more.  Now with the bins which I listed in that Blog of 4/14, I simply pull out a drawer and get what I need.

You must experiment – you know your own health and your limits.    I am for you as others have been for me.  I have watched. I have listened.  I have screened what they do and gather from their experiences what might work for me.  And others of them have enormous ideas that are crazy and that also helps one to know what NOT to do.  We really are helped by each other.

Thanks to all of you out there in reader-land.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared a part of my life and know that in some way, you too have gotten something which has helped you greatly.

I believe it is time to tell you that on June 20th, I will be honoring my beloved Loren for the last time.  It will have been a long decade on June 20th since he met his Lord face to face.

On June 21st, I have a gift for every single one of my readers that I will give you as we say goodbye and as Jack Benny used to say, “Thanks for the Memory”.

Before the month of June, I plan to post several more of the mini Bible Study that through the years became engrained in my heart. At one point in time, I had approx. 350 readers.  Changing many things has found many of them to go by the wayside.  At one point I changed my domain and that caused a major change.  Now I have about 150 readers from around the world.  As I said before, I have NO IDEA how some of them found my Blog.  It was launched as a result of the book I wrote going live back in 2012, however the theme has changed from time to time.

It is my greatest desire to leave with you the Studies that have meant so much to me in past times.  Many of you are not Christians, I pray that you will find just one that might interest you and you will make a hard copy for a future time when the Lord might lay it on your heart to get it and the relationship between you and Him might be born.

With all my heart I know that in the end, where you have lived, who you have associated with, what you have done with your life will not amount to a hill of beans.  It is only what you do with the Lord Jesus Christ that is the deciding factor for you and your eternity.  NO ONE will stand before Him with you.  It will be you and Him.  And it WILL BE.  The Word says so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So……….onward we go and thanks again for all the times we have shared together.  I wouldn’t trade them for any thing in the world.

In His Hands and On His Road.

DSCN0005Marge H.



“Now”. “When needed”. So many questions!!

So many questions!  1) How do you KNOW what to throw away?  2)What happens if you toss something and need it again? 3)What kind of storage containers do you use? 4) How do you know the size to get? 5) What are you actually “storing” for? 6) What do you do with things you want your family to have?  How do you know what they want?

These six questions came to me this past week. These are all personal questions….all depending upon who and what you are as to what you are willing to let go of how, why and when.  Because I do something a certain way is usually done because I have watched others do things and have screened their ways to help form my ways.  Nothing is ever set in concrete. When I see something that is a better way, I go for it!

I will only relate to you what and how I am doing things now.  This is my last apartment, I presume, that I will choose on my own.  So at my age, and many of you who read my Blog are in my age bracket, meaning 75 to 85, we have shared many portions of living even though we have not known each other, but our ways would have been somewhat similar.

I ordered a new chest this week and it has arrived and is waiting to be put together.   I have one of the same style that I purchased but it is 60″ wide. There is not room in Assisted Living apartments here on campus for it.  It has 6 drawers, 3 each side by side.  The one I purchased has 5 drawers straight up.  This will allow more room which is at a real premium in Assisted Living Apartments.

I purchased four Sterilite storage bins that set on top of each other, The size is 17″ D., 14-3/8″ W., and 10-1/4″ H.  27 Qt. size. One is for sheets/pillowcases.  One is for towels,   and so on.

What do I need now when I have no place to go but to Assisted Living if the Lord so chooses that way.  I need two sets of towels.  Two fingertip towels.  That is one of the new bins.  Another  has one set of sheets and various pillow slips.  I have one set of summer sheets and one set of flannel, PERIOD!

There is the holiday storage bin.  It is a bit larger.  It has two Christmas IDEALS Magazines in it, One baggie of ornaments, candle lights for my two windows,  and two fingertip towels for Christmas time. There are several keepsakes in there. I tossed everything else. Space is decreasing – not increasing. For comparison sake, in “other times” I had 9 apple boxes of holiday decorations, on a long shelf in the garage.  Different, isn’t it!!!!

Your general rule of thumb, when down-sizing, should be to lay the things out on the bed and sort them. (All linens first.  All towels next.  Etc.)  Keep only what you “need” and that is generally two sets of everything, i.e., sheets, towels, etc. Never throw something away unless you have not used it during the past year, excluding holiday items.

I purchase all of my shoes online – most of them are used.  Some never worn.  Some worn only a short while, maybe a week or two. My arches collapsed more than two decades ago. Because of all the screws in my feet it is very difficult to break in new shoes.  It is easier if I can get a pair that has been worn only a few times.  I order SAS shoes on Ebay.  If people have purchased SAS shoes, they have paid a 3 bracket price for them, so I know they have taken care of them.  I purchase brown, black, blue, taupe, both in a tie shoe and a slip on. You are able to see them on Ebay.  Many people ask about Amazon.  I do not like the way they lay things out.  I prefer the simple way of Ebay. Right now I have 12 pair of shoes, but when I move again, there will be 3 pair of shoes.  How do I know that!!

I watch ladies now in their mid 90’s have trouble getting their socks and shoes on and have to have help. When you are at that stage variety is not what you need, comfort is what you need. Right now I have the mind to decide what one I want, so  I am enjoying shoes that match or blend with the color I am wearing.  But I have in my possession shoes for the “now”, and shoes for “when needed”.  In my mind down sizing has been done with my shoes even though I have many pairs to use right now.(Clear as mud?  Thot so!)

The same goes for clothing. Where I have 3 pair of black slacks (one for every day, one for Sunday and one for summer), I will have 1 pair when I move again. However, I have 3 pair of Alfred Dunner Jeans and they will go with me.  So variety will be there and yet controlled.  SPACE WILL DETERMINE THAT FOR YOU – YOU WILL NOT DETERMINE IT FOR YOURSELF.

I hope this has enlightened you who are down-sizing.  Throwing away is not always easy but it is the thing to do when the right time comes.

As old like I am, I find this to be a very convenient way of down sizing and yet living with the present.  Decisions don’t have to be made later – they have already been made.

You asked about giving things to your family.  I strongly recommend that you give what you want a person to have while you can enjoy seeing them receive it and at times, even use it.

I gave my youngest g’daughter my china, sterling, and silver. One Christmas Eve she and Tyler invited me for dinner.  It was candle light and I felt right at home as I sat down with them.  So many, many times I had set our table for guests just as Lia had set it for me.  I will never forget that evening. You see, I have the memories of “other times” with my husband and of the “now times” of my life enjoying a g’daughter with something that I had for so many years.

You asked about knowing what they like/want.  Don’t dissect.  Whatever you want them to have, give it to them with a great deal of love attached.  They may give it to someone else.  That is their choice.  It became “theirs” when you gave it to them.  Your ownership ceased when you gave it.

Make your own memories.  It is worth it all and you will never be sorry for where you have been and the way you have been because it has brought you to where you are today.

The tomorrow that you thought about yesterday has arrived today and it is a very good day for each of us.  I am sure you have many things that you cherish.  You have many things that are good for you but not the best for you.  That is an area that is entirely, completely,  personal and only you with the leading of your Lord can handle that with less stress and the quietness of your spirit within.

So……….many blessings – – mega blessings – – – – – – for you!!!!


It was a long day…..sort’ve

Amazing how the days begin, go forward and end.  It was a busy, hot, windy day out.  Just mundane happenings until I realized I had not seen a neighbor who walks her dog and her dog and my dog greet each other, then go on their way with a wag or two.

Found out she has been in the hospital with double pneumonia and other things found as well and she will not be back on our campus.  A friend has taken her dog.  WOW.  We do not know what a day holds.  EVER!!!!

I cannot emphasize enough – – we do not know what a day holds for us.  We can feel fine in the morning and be in the hospital in the afternoon.  We can think we have all the time in the world.  I will think about the Lord later, not now.  The “not now” we find is the only “time” that we really have.  Don’t pass up, dear friend, the Lord for some “other time”.  Eternity is such a long long time.  So many of you out there.  You belong to nothing.  You have no roots in Christianity.  Please believe me – – – there will be a time soon – – very soon – – when you WILL for one moment in time wish like everything that you had turned your eyes upon Jesus and He will not be there for you.

(I actually started this post two days ago and since then one resident has moved, another is in isolation over at Cook Center, and another has gone on Hospice, and another has moved off campus into an Assisted Living Complex. not connected with LifeStream). A day here takes on many looks and features.)

My days are filled right now with some changes and I will write about them tomorrow.  But for now, I feel so compassionate about my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will NEVER make any apologies about it because there is no one else any where that can save my soul and give me Eternal Life.  You don’t want that?? Be careful about turning against the Lord.  He is your only hope for the future.

Til another time.



John 6!

Jesus feeds 5,000 men.  This miracle is found in all the gospels.

Barley bread was the “cheap” food of the common people.

Small fish – sardine size.

5,000 were fed with one brown-bag-lunch.

vss. 5,6.  The test. “Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, ‘Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?’ Philip answered Him, ‘Two hundred denarius worth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may have a little.’ “

vs.      6.  Jesus wanted to know where.

vs.      7.  Philip answered with how much.

Jesus and Philip: Two different levels.  Philip had a slide rule mind.  He looked at the cash flow.  He saw the size of the problem but was blind to the size of God.

vs.     8.   “One of His Disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to Him, ‘There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?’ ”

Andrew was easily shot down with the prospect of the odds going against him.

LORD!  Give me a spiritual eye.  The True Bread was JESUS.

vs. 25.    The people showed much zeal and outward respect, but it was blind and selfish.  Jesus with His reply showed He set no store in it.

vs. 26.     Jesus read their hearts.  They made like they were fond of Him – probably were.  Jesus knew far grosser affections ruled their lives and He told them so – – TO THEIR FACE!!

vs. 29.     The most God-like work – – the greatest – the most acceptable is that we believe – that I believe – that YOU believe!!!!

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 

Faith:  No one has it but those in whom God Himself has placed it.  Faith is not something I get.  I already have it.

Faith and Believing are two different things.  I can have all the faith in the world but until it is put into action, it is useless!  James 2:17 reads:“Thus, also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

FAITH~~~~~~~~~~Knowing how to do something.

BELIEVING~~~~~~Actually doing it.

Point of Contact.  Prayer of faith.  A letter.  Communion.  It can be anything that helps me turn loose of all doubt, unbelief, and release my faith to God, as per Romans 12:3 reads. “For I say, (Paul is writing here) through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more high than he ought to think, but to think soberly as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.”

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is God teaching you right now?????????

You are teaching me so much these days, Lord.  Thank You!  Forgive me for not following through.  Help thou my unbelief!



(Just a reminder of a previous Study of Dr. Adrian Rogers.  He gave us a “Key concept to grasp”.  Here it is again.)

“Believing the Word of God is mental.  Faith is actual.  The difference between belief and faith is that faith is belief with legs on it.  Belief is knowing the Word of God.  Faith is knowing the God of that Word.”

John 3!

As I begin to wind down the mini Bible Studies from other years I find I still have a lot of material.  Wonder at times “why”‘ I kept my thoughts on paper as I did.  There were so many Studies that I did, or Studies that I attended.  There was always so much “meat” in every one.

You know, John broke sharply from the style of Matthew, Mark and Luke. They focused on events.  John focused on the meaning of what Jesus said and did.

John assumes his readers already know the facts, i.e., no Christmas scenes.  Jesus is introduced as the adult Son of God.

He selected vignettes, from 20 days in Jesus’ life and arranged them so Jesus is presented as a Messiah, who knows where He came from and where He is going.

In John, Jesus rarely speaks to large crowds.  John not only relates events, but interprets them as well.

vs. 7.    Every person must be born twice.

Only as Jesus is received in the heart can men be saved.

Next time.  Marge

It’s Sunday evening““““again.

“““And this past week has been very interesting.  How can a week ever become interesting….and different….and full of changes when you think you have had all there is to have, to hold, to change, to exchange, to throw away, to give away and whatever else you can think of !!!!!!!!

LifeStream has had their annual estate sale and that started me thinking/changing/buying/arranging/wondering/and whatever else you might add to that flock of doings.

I bought a desk – you have seen it.  That gave me a desk change and one that is smaller than what I had.  Today I ordered a 5 drawer chest and nightstand that matches the 6 drawer chest I presently have.  Gonna sell the chest that I presently have.  Why come all of this!!!!!!!

This past week I helped two dear little ladies in their mid 90s each purchase a chair and get them taken to their rooms and cleaned up and so on and so forth.  But in doing all of that, I saw for the first time the size room that will be mine some day if the Lord decides to have me move one more time before going Home to be with Him.

When that time comes I will not have a lot of say in what I get to have and so to the best of my ability I am going to have things MARKED on the back so that when some one else moves me I will get what I want should I have the mind to “know” what I want.

There is no wall with enough space for the chest that I have right now so I am so glad I have had the opportunity to see Assisted Living rooms and know ladies who are enjoying their rooms.  I know that I can do that too.

I have seen a gal moved recently and I know full well I would never want to be moved the way she was.  I know there were personal things that never got to her because they are not the priorities of those who were handling things.  Not because they don’t want to but because they really don’t know a thing about what they have done but for sure they are in the process of learning.  I just don’t want to be a part of the process.  I have noooo doubt in my mind but what she has wished more than once that she could have had a wee bit of time for herself to pick up that one item that meant so much to her but would never have been guessed to be so important.  I just know how things go for us who are on this journey – it is like none other….EVER!

Also today, I worked further on the closet. Yes.  I had some things that were hard to part with – didn’t know that I ever kept any thing did you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am quite sure though that what is important to me is not to you.  I had some treasured holiday  cloths – were one of a kind – purchased at garage sales over the years and every one was plastic.  I know.  Crazy.  But yes, it hurt to throw them out, because I remembered “when” I used others just like them and just never got to use these.

I remembered the last family dinner I prepared – it was while Od and I lived in the cottage.  I even bought dishes so the table would look exactly as I would remember it down the road.  Guess what!  It is “down the road time” and I am remembering the exact recipes and everything was just like I wanted it for my family.  I doubt that they remember any thing about it – you see – – – – I knew it was to be my last one – to them – they will have many more in their lifetime – – – – – but not like that one.  It was my last.

Okay.  You fine feathered-friends!  Still working on down-sizing?  Keep on keeping on.  Everything you do will be that much less your family has to deal with down the road.  I can already hear my family as they open my front door after I am gone and they will take one look at things and say, “this is all we have to deal with.  Mom/G’ma took care of the rest of it.  Let’s get with it!!!!!”

I had purchased a 3 shelf utility stand for the micro wave, crock pot, etc.  Crock pot and the stand sold on Friday so the microwave is back on the stove top.  Need the room for Od’s stroller and my rollator when I go to it full-time, as yet I am still “cane-ing it”.

Let’s keep on keeping on and down sizing to the best of our ability.  And here is a word from the Lord to encourage you and it even has a promise with it.

“Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past.  Behold I will do something new” (Isa. 43:18,19a).

Safely in His care even though I am full steam ahead in tossing/ditching/keeping for now.