About Marge~~~

My husband Loren went Home to be with his Lord, June 20, 2008.  The years that followed were rough ones.

I wrote a book.  It went live in November of 2012.  It was entitled, “One Woman’s Journey into Widowhood”.  There are a few (6) copies left.  I would be happy to send you a copy should you like one to keep.

I adopted Od, my long-haired Chihuahua, in May of 2013.  Such a great little companion.  When I come home he is always there to greet me.  He will be 15 in May of 2018.

I live in a Senior Complete Living Complex out in the western part of the Phoenix, Arizona area.  So nice here.  We are comfortably settled in a lovely little 420 sq. ft. apartment.  When I can no longer live by myself, then I can move to Assisted Living and still be only a few feet from the Dining Room and Transportation areas. Actually,  it will be only a few feet from where we are living right now.

I will be 83 in May of 2018.  As the years zip by, it is good to know I am in God’s Waiting Room and when the call goes out for me to go Home, I am ready.  I find that as the years go by, age brings on a slow-me-down attitude all of its own and it really is not bad at all.  You find yourself really enjoying each day to the fullest because tomorrow may be the day to exit that Waiting Room.

I have two grown, senior adult, children and between them there are five delightful g’children.  One g’daughter and husband has a little boy who will be two in May of 2018 and they are expecting their second child, ALSO, in May of 2018.  The other g’daughter and husband is expecting their first child in August of 2018.

The g’children are busy launching the next generation (fourth) in our family.  I am so grateful both of my children and all of the g’children accepted Christ as their Savior years ago.  I wish that such could cause me to say there are no problems because of being a Christian.  But that is not the way it works.  In all of our trials and troubles, we are not alone – we have the Lord to lean on and trust in.

Satan doesn’t work on those he already has – – no need to – – – but when someone belongs to the Lord, he batters away at them every last day of their lives but in the end, I can tell you for sure…… God WILL have the last word and Satan will be defeated at every turn.

Remember the verse I have quoted so many times from Psalm 37:23, 24?

“The steps of a man (woman) are established by the Lord and He delights in his/her way.  When he/she falls, he/she will not be hurled headlong but the Lord is the one who holds his/her hand” (NASB). (my additions, though the Greek word is sufficient for both).

May each of you be refreshed and uplifted as a result of your stop by my Blog.  I have been honored that some of you are followers of my site.  And through the years I have met so many new friends actually from all around the world.  Greetings to each of you and may God give you mega blessings from His hand.

If He is not your Savior, He can be.  He “wants” to be.  Eternal Life is straight ahead!  Don’t miss it!!

Awaiting my exodus from God’s Waiting Room some day.

MRHMarge Humphrey