Yes! I wish we could, too!! And 6/20 and 6/21 is coming!!

Some emails have come in with regards to my posting of April 14th.  One was very funny but I have to say I wish we could too.

The email spoke of us getting together with coffee and doughnuts and talking about down-sizing.  This gal is in Fargo, N.D.  (She has lived in the same farmhouse for 56 years.  Can you imagine what it must look like!!  All of the memories!!) Can’t you all imagine that you who have addressed issues with me for answering,  if you would all get on a plane and come out west we would have those doughnuts and coffee and talk and talk and talk, and three hours later you all would board the plane for home.  lol

I wish we could.  Really.  I do!!  But really, I am so grateful that somehow we met on a Blog, though I will never know how you found me.  We have shared and I always pray that you have received something to use in your own personal life.  When we age, things do not become easier – at times they seem to be more than we can take.

One of you asked why I went to such small bins and why only two of everything.  I can only answer with my own reasoning.  I am 82, almost 83.  My strength is growing less and less as the weeks go by.  My back does not take too much.  I have observed Assisted Living gals who are in their mid 90’s and their strength is very slim.  One of the ladies is 98 and yet she comes for breakfast every morning.  Is so very graceful in every way.  Always looks so nice too.They are frail little ladies but oh – – so very sweet to know.  As I have seen little ladies here, they do not need more than two of any thing to use.  They do not do their own laundry.  They do not make the bed each day. they simply use less and less of everything as the years go by.  If they want to mail a card, they purchase a stamp here and the caregiver takes it out to the mailbox for them.

As you read re my shoes, right now I have lots of them, but down the road and who know when that will be, I will need shoes to have someone else put on my feet. One of the little ladies who sits at my breakfast table, is late sometimes for breakfast because she has trouble getting the shoe on her left foot so she waits for one of the caregivers to come help her.  The issues are all so very real.  I am so glad I have been here, because it helps me to be more patient and to realize that everything I once did has no option in my life any more.

What comes around, goes around.  We started life as a new-born baby, some one else kept us clean, dressed us and fed us.  As we became old, someone else keeps us clean and dresses us as we need it,  and sees that we get fed.

We were made from dust and we will return to dust. With one difference, in-between our arrival and our exit, our souls have been intact and what we have done with the One who has created us makes a difference as to how and where our souls will land forever.

Before I had bigger containers, approx.12″x24″.  One sat on top of the other.  These had lids on them.  If I wanted something in the bottom container, I had to lift down the other 3 that were on top of the bottom one.  I simply don’t have the room nor the strength to do lifting any more.  Now with the bins which I listed in that Blog of 4/14, I simply pull out a drawer and get what I need.

You must experiment – you know your own health and your limits.    I am for you as others have been for me.  I have watched. I have listened.  I have screened what they do and gather from their experiences what might work for me.  And others of them have enormous ideas that are crazy and that also helps one to know what NOT to do.  We really are helped by each other.

Thanks to all of you out there in reader-land.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared a part of my life and know that in some way, you too have gotten something which has helped you greatly.

I believe it is time to tell you that on June 20th, I will be honoring my beloved Loren for the last time.  It will have been a long decade on June 20th since he met his Lord face to face.

On June 21st, I have a gift for every single one of my readers that I will give you as we say goodbye and as Jack Benny used to say, “Thanks for the Memory”.

Before the month of June, I plan to post several more of the mini Bible Study that through the years became engrained in my heart. At one point in time, I had approx. 350 readers.  Changing many things has found many of them to go by the wayside.  At one point I changed my domain and that caused a major change.  Now I have about 150 readers from around the world.  As I said before, I have NO IDEA how some of them found my Blog.  It was launched as a result of the book I wrote going live back in 2012, however the theme has changed from time to time.

It is my greatest desire to leave with you the Studies that have meant so much to me in past times.  Many of you are not Christians, I pray that you will find just one that might interest you and you will make a hard copy for a future time when the Lord might lay it on your heart to get it and the relationship between you and Him might be born.

With all my heart I know that in the end, where you have lived, who you have associated with, what you have done with your life will not amount to a hill of beans.  It is only what you do with the Lord Jesus Christ that is the deciding factor for you and your eternity.  NO ONE will stand before Him with you.  It will be you and Him.  And it WILL BE.  The Word says so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So……….onward we go and thanks again for all the times we have shared together.  I wouldn’t trade them for any thing in the world.

In His Hands and On His Road.

DSCN0005Marge H.



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