It was a long day…..sort’ve

Amazing how the days begin, go forward and end.  It was a busy, hot, windy day out.  Just mundane happenings until I realized I had not seen a neighbor who walks her dog and her dog and my dog greet each other, then go on their way with a wag or two.

Found out she has been in the hospital with double pneumonia and other things found as well and she will not be back on our campus.  A friend has taken her dog.  WOW.  We do not know what a day holds.  EVER!!!!

I cannot emphasize enough – – we do not know what a day holds for us.  We can feel fine in the morning and be in the hospital in the afternoon.  We can think we have all the time in the world.  I will think about the Lord later, not now.  The “not now” we find is the only “time” that we really have.  Don’t pass up, dear friend, the Lord for some “other time”.  Eternity is such a long long time.  So many of you out there.  You belong to nothing.  You have no roots in Christianity.  Please believe me – – – there will be a time soon – – very soon – – when you WILL for one moment in time wish like everything that you had turned your eyes upon Jesus and He will not be there for you.

(I actually started this post two days ago and since then one resident has moved, another is in isolation over at Cook Center, and another has gone on Hospice, and another has moved off campus into an Assisted Living Complex. not connected with LifeStream). A day here takes on many looks and features.)

My days are filled right now with some changes and I will write about them tomorrow.  But for now, I feel so compassionate about my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will NEVER make any apologies about it because there is no one else any where that can save my soul and give me Eternal Life.  You don’t want that?? Be careful about turning against the Lord.  He is your only hope for the future.

Til another time.



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