John 3!

As I begin to wind down the mini Bible Studies from other years I find I still have a lot of material.  Wonder at times “why”‘ I kept my thoughts on paper as I did.  There were so many Studies that I did, or Studies that I attended.  There was always so much “meat” in every one.

You know, John broke sharply from the style of Matthew, Mark and Luke. They focused on events.  John focused on the meaning of what Jesus said and did.

John assumes his readers already know the facts, i.e., no Christmas scenes.  Jesus is introduced as the adult Son of God.

He selected vignettes, from 20 days in Jesus’ life and arranged them so Jesus is presented as a Messiah, who knows where He came from and where He is going.

In John, Jesus rarely speaks to large crowds.  John not only relates events, but interprets them as well.

vs. 7.    Every person must be born twice.

Only as Jesus is received in the heart can men be saved.

Next time.  Marge

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