Saturday today ~~ all day!!

Od is sleeping and so I walked over to Hines – got a cup of coffee and looked at the morning paper.  I have not looked at one in years.  Yip.  You read correctly.

Right after Loren went Home they changed the size of the paper and made it easier to read.  Now!! Is the paper EVER changed.  The Wednesday paper used to have favorite recipes in it.  Not much of that any more.  Then there was the Religious Section which at times was more than one paper.  Now I don’t even find ONE page. God has been taken out of our schools and businesses and even the newspaper.  They won’t ever be able to take Him out of our hearts – that is for sure.

There is a daily prayer that I found – it is still being published.  Also a quotation which I thot was GREAT.  It read, “Lying is done with words and also with silence”, Adrienne Rich, American poet (1929-2012).

This is so true.  I have people in my life who never told me the truth and at other times beat all the around the mulberry bush with their answers, covering for either their friends or their relatives, or else they simply kept quiet which also spoke volumes……..all of which is lying.

I had a relative once in whom I gave information re the AFA.  There was a petition we could sign online and she replied that she did not want to become involved, only wanted to be kept updated.    Another time her husband said that his one vote would not make a difference.  But I know from experience that the “one vote” determined by a million of them CAN and DOES make a difference.  I hoped that I would never hear them complain about something that had developed when they had stood by and didn’t want to “get involved”.  It is true.  There are times that your vote doesn’t amount to a hill of beans because the other side went wild in their voting.  But at least, when that happens to me, I know I voted for the right thing.

I have friends who asked who I voted for in the election.  I voted for Mr. Trump.  They frown and are shocked.  I didn’t vote for him necessarily, the choice was not anything to shout about.  But I went beyond the “person” and studied the Platform and that is what I voted for.

For all of you today who are shouting negatively because of my voting for Mr. Trump – – you as a christian, cannot find one thing that he has reneged on, that he promised on the campaign trail. NOT ONE!!!!!!! He was not a politician.  He was a businessman.  The politicians can’t stand competition.  They will do everything and anything within their power to destroy him.  We can see them for what they are right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe it was God who put him there and he will stay there until God is finished with him, no matter how much dirt can be created.  God shows us a lot of dirty laundry in the Word and He made right out of wrong whenever He so decided.

President Trump is doing everything in his power to right many wrongs but the world out there is determined to destroy any way possible everything he is doing. We as Christians need to stop complaining – – shut up – – and begin to pray for the man.  He isn’t going any where until God so decides.

Standing firmly,


WELCOME!!!!  Ireland!!  Good to have you stop by.  Hope you will be blest with my Blog.

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