Ah~~~~ YES!!



We had the annual Estate Sale at LifeStream and I got this lovely, sort’ve, desk.  The drawers can hold four reams of paper(stacking two each) plus a couple of pkgs. of ink.  Three of those kind of drawers give a lot of storage space.  This desk takes the place of a 6′ table that I have been using and gives me more space where I am now.

I think I told you all that I am getting my closet, cupboards and all else reduced by 50%.  I want things to be so that when I take a turn for un-better health the kids can come in and say, “this is all we have to deal with”.

I gave the crock pot to sell at the sale and so I am down to a toaster, microwave and OF COURSE the coffee pot – all else I need no longer.  Dishes are gone except for paper ones and of course Od eats on depression glass plates.  Well, of course!!!!!!  The true story is that the little guy has had so many teeth pulled that he cannot eat as a dog usually eats, he laps his food and in so doing, the edges of the sandwich plate is about a quarter inch and it makes it easy for him to get his food.  I know.  Others just keep on feeding food they have always eaten…..it is not easy to digest so I prefer to help him along and at 15, he needs all the help he can get.  I buy his food from the refrigerated area at Walmart or Safeway called Fresh Pet and grind it and put it in baggies and freeze it.

Well I have taken the day to get things changed around and of course he has stayed close to his security area a/k/a under the bed.  Whenever he ventures out, he comes to the living room, stops and looks all around.  For some reason he isn’t trusting me.  He should know better than that!!!!

Time to go get my supper.  Talk later.

(Yes.  True.  There are areas of down-sizing that you can still learn from me.  Some for the better and some for the worse, but I am always comfortable with whatever down-sizing I do and I know in the end, the kids will appreciate it far more than plastic-bagging everything and tossing it in the dumpster.  That is what I see so much of out here.  They don’t want the left-overs of their relatives.  And I guess, in reality, I was that way too when it was my turn to “get-rid-of” way back when.  Do what you need to do, when your heart tells you and then listen to it and don’t go overboard, just do what and where it leads.)

Always dumping and always remembering that life takes you to unexpected places and love brings you home.  Never forget that.

Marge H.

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