Are you~~~~

~~~~in any kind of leadership? I am remembering other years when I was a Dir, Music Ministries, I would always look the best I could for the rehearsal evening.  Mind you, I didn’t wear high heels and all that goes with that, but I would dress freshly (yes.  It could have been jeans) and look pleasant for those who had to face me for the next hour.

My idea was always that most of them had worked all day – then home for a quick meal and learn all the tense situations of the day from the spouse/children and then come for the rehearsal. They didn’t need to look at someone who looked like something the cats had drug in.

Even here when I leave the apartment at 7am for breakfast, I have taken my shower, dress nicely and have some piece of jewelry on.  Not important to you?  This morning one of the little gals at the table (97 yrs. old) before she sat down said, “you always look so nice and fresh and I always look forward to coming to breakfast”.  Most of the time I have jeans on but they are not worn out and sloppy looking.

I have a friend who doesn’t like the word leader/leadership. Well.  Sheep have to have a shepherd, whether it is in helping with getting little ole ladies settled at a table, or doing a rehearsal.

All of us in any kind of out-of-the-norm handling of things need to remember that we can help others by simply taking a bit more time for ourselves.  If you have no leadership you certainly don’t have much to show for whatever line of work you are in.

Many years ago we were in the process of moving to another part of AZ, I went to several of the little churches  on a Monday morning to get a bulletin from the day before.  Two of the bulletins we discarded.  Reason?  They had misspelled words. If they would let a bulletin go when they knew they might have guests who might be looking for a church home, their ability to “care” was jaded.  I am not talking about a bulletin that says Jane is singing and Bill ends up singing.  The reasons are different.  Misspelled words are not excusable.

Why am I saying all of this?  Because it is important for us to look our best, even in jeans, and act our best, even with the Fruit of Spirit hammering away at us inwardly and be our best because of the Fruit of the Spirit within.

Let’s see now.  What is that Fruit?  Ah, yes.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Any one of those hit you as a possibility of your needing work on it?  Yeah.  I know.  ALL OF THEM stand in front of me – – – beckoning unto me – – – letting me know that they are alive and well within because the Lord has residence within.  We cannot miss with that calculation.

Still under His leadership and growing habit!

Marge H.

By the way ~~~~Welcome United Kingdom!  AND Nigeria!!!! Hope you will stop by often and that you will be encouraged and uplifted.  Remember that Jesus loves you so much!!!!!!!  You are a long way off from where I live but the Lord can live “within” you and work throughout your lives, right there in your own countries.  Blessings!!

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