God’s Waiting Room~~~

Our day becomes a mess, easily. We become tired.  We half do much of our day so we can “get it all done”.  Keep on over-lapping. All good things, mind you, but simply too busy.  Satan loves to do anything he can to put a crimp in our relationship with the Lord.

Satan has been at work in my life for so long that he thinks he can still make a headway but it is not happening.  I found out that anything that you do for 21 days, or 21 times in a row, you have just created a habit.  I am a fighter.  And I do have my hands full,  but it is not me alone that is fighting him, it is the Lord in all of His glory.  Remember Job?  Remember God’s conversation with Satan?  He told Satan that he could do anything he wanted to, to Job but he could not take his life. And of course Satan took Him at His Word and did every thing he could to Job and I would venture to say, he did a fairly complete job.  But God.  Yes.  Those two words. But God!!!!

Every piece of the Fruit is important and makes up the person that we are, or should be. It is the results of having the Fruit  working in our lives that is seen in a Christian.  It is evidence of belonging to God.  The Holy Spirit sheds light on the Word of God and leads us to a greater love and deeper faith for Christ.  We are graciously  renewed when we accept Christ as Savior, and we can find ourselves spending the rest of our lifetime growing and flourishing in the Fruit of the Spirit.

When we find ourselves in God’s Waiting Room, we have mostly lived our life.  We look back on mountains of failures.  In many instances the family does not let us forget.  But along with all the failure is the opportunity to kneel at the foot of that blood stained cross and lay out every sin we can think of that we have not acknowledged to Him, ask forgiveness, and know that we have received forgiveness. We can be ready to live for Him, the rest of our lives, whether that be a day, a week a month or even going into years.  God is faithful and will forgive without any 12 week course from you.  Just like that.

It makes God’s Waiting Room experience more privileged and we find ourselves wanting more than any thing to live out the Fruit of Spirit and let the love of our Savior permeate our very beings.

In His Grasp

Marge H.

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