What happens now~~~

It is two days after Easter Sunday for all of us.  Now what!!  For sure, the disciples were gathering themselves together and trying to straighten out their thinking about all that had happened last Friday and then on Sunday morning.

Where do we stand?  We didn’t get that new dress and bonnet like we did years ago.  In fact, for most who attended church on Sunday the pastor could have wished them a Merry Christmas because that will be the next time they attend if then even!

I know people in my life who do not have the Lord as their personal Savior.  Here at LifeStream, last Sunday morning, I was sharing with a sweet little gal who is pregnant, (with her third) going to school and working here on weekends. She was asked by another if they were going to go Easter egg hunting and that opened the door and I shared with her about the Lord.  She was saying egg hunting was tiring, etc.  I told her the Lord was so important for every day of life.  Even in times of questioning our hopes and dreams and fears, He is right there with us if we know Him as our Savior.  When everything is black and swirling around and He cannot be “felt”, simply “trust”.  He will always be there for us.  Her response was “hummm”.

I want to give you my Pastor’s name and phone number.  (Yes.  I asked him if I could).  If you ever want to talk about the Lord and find out more about what a life with Him is like, he will certainly be so grateful for the opportunity to share our Lord with you.  You will never regret it.  You will be more knowledgeable and with that knowledge can make an intelligent decision as to whether your life should include the Creator of the sun, moon, stars, all of the universe, all humanity.

Psalm 139 tells us about His love for us individually.  He created each one of us.  Not every one will accept Him as their Lord and Savior but those who do,  won’t ever regret it.  Times of trouble come to all of us and with Him at the helm of our lives it is a safe journey straight ahead.  No.  You will not be trouble-free.  In fact you may have MORE troubles because it is the one called Satan who will work on your life and try to destroy your relationship with the Lord.  But our hearts and our eyes are fixed on the One who knows us the best and He will see us through.

Here it is.  Pastor Dan. 602-321-5629. He is on our campus several times a week and I know he would be glad to stop by and visit with you.  That is, if you live on the campus.  Quite a few from here go to Emmanuel Baptist Church where he is the pastor.

For now – from this computer – it is all for today.

In His hands.  Marge H.

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