“This” is the Week of all Weeks for Christians~~~

Ah, yes! This week is so full!  So much happened back in 30 A.D.  The week holds the Cornerstone of our beliefs.

As a Christian, I acknowledge that Jesus Christ came to save sinners of whom I AM CHIEF.  (Paul wrote it but I claim it!)

As a Christian, I believe that because Christ went to the Cross in my place; accepting all of my sins, past, present and future upon Himself, I have forgiveness, through confessing my sins and by faith, accepting what Christ did on the Cross.

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus was crucified, died and was buried A..N..D  rose again! He will return for all believers from all ages of time. There will be so many.  Moses, 3,000 years ago, lived.  He will be there along with Peter and Paul, the disciples ……….and me.  Some day it will happen.  We are to be expectantly looking for His return while we work here on the earth.

You know as you look at that week, it boggles the mind all that developed and happened and how when the tsunami settled, the sky of life opened up clearly and beautifully on that Sunday morning so long ago.

The week was full.  You can read about it if you want to turn to Mark the 11th chapter.  It begins with the Triumphal Entry in the first verse but by the time you get to the end of that chapter the people are calling for his death!!!

MONDAY was the cursing of the fig tree and the cleansing of the Temple.

TUESDAY was more teaching.  Jesus taught on faith, concerning resurrection, pride, the future, and so much more.  The disciples also saw that dead fig tree and remembered the day before and  pondered the happenings with it.

WEDNESDAY nothing is spoken about for that day.  No teaching.  No confrontations. Did He and His disciples go to Martha’s house and have fellowship and quietness together with her and Mary and their brother Lazarus? We know He was with Simon the Leper and of course Judas began his dirty work.

THURSDAY was a busy day.  The Upper room had been spoken for and preparations for the Last Supper were in process.  Now.  They didn’t go to McDonalds and order carry out.  It was work in those days to make preparation. But they did it.

They had the meal together. Jesus wanted to go to Gethsemane and pray.  I can feel the rumblings begin, can’t you!!  The betrayal, arrest, the awful trials.  And things got worse~~~~~~Peter’s three denials.

FRIDAY.   The CRUCIFIXION…Oh but remember two thieves were crucified along with Jesus…….one of them said, “Jesus remember me when You come in Your kingdom!” Jesus replied, “Truly I say to you today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

Did you catch that communication?  The thief had enough sense to know he needed what Jesus offered.  He had enough faith to believe that if he asked, Jesus would remember him and  not leave him to wolves.  His FAITH was huge.  By the way, he had not had any 6 week course and test to see how much he remembered.  Didn’t walk an aisle. Didn’t be a greeter at the church door.  SIMPLY yelled for help from the only One who could ever hand him Eternal Life.  Smart man, I would say.


Oh!!  Get a good cup of coffee and sit down and read the Greatest Story Ever Told beginning in Mark ll and read it right on through Mark 16:20.  You will be so blest.  I am going to read it several times yet this week.  The other disciples wrote about it all too.

You know it is like a car accident.  Several will have seen it happen but their minds  will each remember different associations with the happening.  So it is with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

GOD’S WAITING ROOM.  We are ALL, everyone, in it.  We do not know when our name will be called but when it is, there is no turning back.  I have a lot of unsaved readers of my Blog.  You are good people.  But in the end, the good bit will not cut the mustard.  Be sure that you really want to be on the avenue for the journey that you are on.  Be sure.  The day will come when there will be no turning back. Many of you are very smart people but not smart in the right area.

My times of urging you will stop one of these days. And you may have a very long time to keep on keeping on as you are.  Just be careful.  Every step will get warmer and warmer and warmer for you.

In the protection of His nail-scarred hands.

Marge H.

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