I want to tell my Readers something – very Important!

As most of you know I live in a Senior Complete Living area, on their South Campus. I moved back to LS last March, a year ago.  My third time on the Campus of LifeStream of Youngtown.

My apartment is one that allows me wonderful views of the bigger part of the south Campus.  As I have watched the staff interact with the Assisted Living residence as well as the Independent Living residents, I have noticed something very important.(before you think I am talking about the whole campus, I am not.  I am speaking of only ONE building).

There are roughly six people who as I watch them I think to myself, ‘when I need a lot more help, that is a person I would want to help take care of me’.  Today I ran in to another gal – young – not married yet – – who is just so sweet and up and going.  I went to her and told her that I am an old woman now.  I have seen ugliness and beauty….I have seen kindness and ignoring.  Please always keep your sweetness, remember it is a gift from God and He will enable you ALWAYS. Life can’t always be “up” but when you are “down” the Lord is there for you to grab ahold of and let Him take care of your battles because THEY WILL COME but He is sufficient.

In the world I live in I see so many people who can’t stand to age.  But God gave it to us.  Remember Sarah – she was in her 70s/80s and even the Kings saw her beauty.  Abraham knew how beautiful she was and afraid that the King might want her in his harem.

I have one friend that has gotten some “naturalness” to her face, a/k/a creases.  The next time I saw her, there was extra makeup on and to myself I had to laugh.

Some have to continue to look like 20s/30s but their skin shows a different age factor.

Why.  Why can we not grow old gracefully and beautifully.  God has given us everything we need to look our age/act our age/be comfortable with being our age.

I went to Walgreens one time, thinking I should begin to use more gels, masks, whatevers. The clerk looked at my face and said “why do you want to do something other than what you are doing, your skin is lovely. What are you using?”  I told her.  “I never do any thing for my face, only wash it in the shower”.  You don’t want to know what she said.

I see gals coloring their hair, but they don’t keep it done in a way that no one knows.  The roots are the first to show how artificial we are and when the roots are covered up by a color pencil while waiting for the next coloring, the shade is different enough that one can know.

My question is, do we really want to look like our daughters?  We are not their friend, first.  We are their mother.

Facade.  I decided I better look that one up. I might be using the wrong word. I AM NOT.  It reads: “An outward appearance that is to maintain or cancel a less pleasant or creditable reality.”  Then they gave this further!! “Her flawless public facade masked private despair”.

Ahhhhhhhh.  Guess what.  This is what Scripture says!

“Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.  Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing” (Prov. 31:29, 30).

In our lives, along the way we look, we tend to talk and act accordingly.  A facade or the truth.  Which blooms on you?

Always……..in his tender care.

Marge H.

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