The Beginning of the Beginning ~~ for Me!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday – the beginning of the Beginning for me.  My faith is strong – though when put to the test, I am sure it needs a lot of improvement, of progressing, of becoming stronger.

I cannot begin to fathom what my Lord went through.  He knew what was about to happen.  That is what He came to the earth for.  Even the disciples did not understand.  Their thinking was fuzzy – they had always been “human” and what Jesus was telling them they simply did not understand…….COULD NOT understand ~~~~~~ because they were only human.

Some say, “I need things that I can attach to – things that make me feel better”.

Some say, “that is ‘your’ belief, I have my own”.

Some say, “There is no God!”?? The Bible says, “The fool says there is no God”.

Some say, “I believe in God”.  The Bible says, “even the demons believe in God”.

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, came to earth so that you and I could have Eternal Life through believing in Him.  He died!  He rose again!!! He promises to return……..for you??….for me!!  This is what Christianity is!!  No other Cult or Religion can give you this kind of Promise or Life hereafter.  All of your leaders/founders/whatevers are dead.  Did they rise from the grave? Did they promise to return for you????

Sold out …… to Jesus Christ!

Marge H.

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