It’s Sunday~~~~~~

WOW!  For the first time in FOUR MONTHS I have been able to go to church.  The back has been my misery. Not being able to get Tylenol/Codeine— not able to sit for more than a few minutes in one place — nothing to curb the pain.  ugh.

It was suggested to me that I try Tylenol Arthritis 8 Hr. tablets. (650 mg.)  It was said that it might very well work almost as good as the T/C.  I laughed.  (Remember Sarah?) Her unbelief at what she had heard but it was going to be true!!!

I got the Tylenol Arthritis 8 Hr., took one and it really did help.  It wasn’t until I decided to move some outdoor furniture indoors and vice versa that the back gave me a frown.  But I knew what I had done and so I took a pill – and the same as before, it helped me a lot.

Now that I have found something to relieve the back, it was back-to-church-time and I could hardly wait. Every one was so glad to see me – in fact there were people there that I didn’t think I knew but they seemed to know me because they called me by my first name. I have missed my church so much.  The atmosphere – the singing – everyone together – –  such a great feeling once again.  Pastor Dan is a great preacher.  He preaches so simply.  Has good, good points and all that he gives us is so relevant to our days and our lives and what and how we approach those around us who do not know the Lord.

The next two Sundays are so special.  Palm Sunday.  Easter Sunday.  My goodness.  I will spend an eternity I think, trying to understand why the Lord Jesus would give His life for the likes of me.  Really very simple.  God loved me so much.  Hey!!!! The same is true for you. His death was not just for me.  It was for you too.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever (that means you and me) believeth on Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life.”

It is mandatory only if you want to spend Life Eternal with the Lord Jesus Christ. If anyone is willing to die in order for me to have Life Eternal, you better believe I am going to pay attention.  I hope you would too.  Believe me!  You are the loser if you don’t!!

Marge H.

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