Saturday morning…….

Here on the campus of LifeStream, all is quiet at the moment, though there will be an Air Show later on today at the Air Force Base which isn’t far from us and the Blue Angels will be there.  Ear plugs here I come!!!!

I have such wonderful breakfast times here at Hines.  At JT’s those living there are in their 90s and most in mid to upper 90s.  Three ladies sit with me and I am the baby of the bunch.  Ages are 95, 96 and 98. (The youngest one was 13 when I was born)

This morning one of them gave me a pair of her earrings – beautiful.  She said it is her last pair and she wouldn’t be wearing them any more.  How honored I was to have them.  I will always remember breakfast time this morning.DSCN0013

Yesterday I was telling the ladies that I bought online 16 pair of earrings.  I was glad they didn’t have anything in their mouths at that moment.  Well, I went online to look at “vintage clip on earrings in lots”.  I got 16 pair for $10.00. So when they come I will put them on our table as a center piece for that breakfast time.  I expect them in a week.  What fun!!!!

There is a song that I find to be so haunting.  Elvis Presley wrote it believe it or not.  Here are the words to one of the verses.

“When my way grows drear, precious Lord linger near

When my light is almost gone

Hear my cry hear my call

Hold my hand lest I fall

Take my hand precious Lord lead me home.”

There is a beautiful piano arrangement of it that I have loved playing in years past. Gospelish style.  The words for all the verses I could hear over and over. But this morning, I seemed to feel the words of the second verse the most.

I identify so much with Peter.  He had a big mouth.  He said and did things which he thought cost him everything.  But with two words, the disciples were told to go to Galilee……..and Peter……… God did not forget Peter – He knew Peter’s heart – He had given it to him!!

The Lord knew how Peter felt after his denials.  We today don’t think of denials as being bad.  The denial of not telling someone the truth when you know the answer when you are asked but you skirt all around it.  Or denial of the truth when we know what the consequences will be, and we don’t want the agony of the “cost” of truth.  When you are ask and the truth is not told, that is a lie – – a denial. When you remain silent when you now the truth – it is a lie – it is a denial.

The Lord forgives when we humbly admit and ask for forgiveness, there is no “12 Steps to Forgiveness” with Him.   I didn’t know that once upon a time, but I have learned in recent months to forgive, forget, and move on so His plans can be worked out for me.  How refreshing it is to leave the mire behind.  It can only be done on His Watch.

Peter knew what he had done and humanly knew it was wrong but it was too late, EXCEPT it was not too late where the Lord was concerned. The Lord had created him long, long ago.  He had a job for him to do and He would not let him fall through the sieve of Satan’s delight.

My Lord and Savior reached down, touched Peter and touched me and the “touch” never left.  Peter and I.  Forgiven.  Enriched.  Useable!  How about you!!!!

In His Hands!  Marge H.

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