Genesis 11:1-9….The Tower!!!!

Have you ever thought about the things we have today – – our calendar – – Arabs and Jews always at each other’s throat – –  our languages………and so much more?????

Today we will look at language(s)

Gen 11:1.    At this time there was only one language.

Gen 11:4.     PEOPLE WANTED:  City and a Tower to prevent people from scattering throughout the earth.

Gen. 9:1.       GOD WANTED:  People to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.


Gen. 11:7.     God “confused” the language.  He established the parent languages from which other languages and dialects developed.  (Today we have more than 3,000)

Gen.  9:1.     Result of this confusion?  The scattering of mankind, as God wanted.

Gen. 11:4.     The people wanted the tower built for the purpose of worshipping a deity, which was to serve as a rallying point and a symbol of their fame.


ALL BECAUSE OF GENESIS 11:1-9…………We speak many languages.

In His Hands.  Marge

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