Almost a year now~~~~~

How fast time is going~!~. Do you find it that way, too??  WOW!!!  I have been on this campus once again for a year, lacking only a few days now.  I was so privileged to be on the mountain when the first child of the next generation, for us arrived.  Now little Calvin is almost two and waiting the arrival of his sister sometime in May, which was the month he was born.  How exciting for Byron and Tori!

It sends me to my knees because at my age I see life differently – I see “where” we have been ~~ I see “where” we are headed  — I see the only “solution” there is to all of the problems of the world – problems that will affect my great-grand-children when they are adults, IF the Lord tarries that long.

Did I say “solution”?  Yes, I did. God did not make us to be robots.  He gave us free will.  We can choose the foundation on which we will stand, or fall, when all else is crumbling.

The world is crumbling – people are choosing every thing and every one except the Lord Jesus Christ as their security.  We are not of this world. We must stand firm – we must stand tall – we must take a stand TODAY – we must make a difference NOW. It is promised to us in Isaiah 33:6,  “He shall be the stability of your times…” Our faith must remain strong in the One who knows it all from the beginning through to the end.  God is faithful. NOTHING.  NO ONE……can compete with the Lord God.  “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1:1).  That’s that!!  Period!!!  He will prevail!!!!  We may feel that it will never come.  IT WILL COME!!!!!!!.  His Word says so……………………..

Tell your mountain about your God.



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