Oh For Goodness Sake!! 5 Words!!!!

Oh – my dear Christian Reader!! Have you ever read the Word – some part of it – – some verse – – – over and over again and it became a part of you but then after a very  L…O…N………..G time some of the words slap you in the face and you sit up with a jerk and take notice~~~~????  Well. It happened to me a while back – just a few weeks back I should add.

I have two that are my life verses.  But this one comes close and right now I believe I can add it to the other two.  Here it is for your reading.

“Blessed is the woman who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord.  For she shall be like a tree planted by the water that extends its roots by a stream and it will not fear when the heat comes but its leaves will be green and it will not be anxious in a year of drought……………

Now then.  That sounds good.  Talking about a woman who has put her complete trust in the Lord and she is like a tree with roots in a stream. It can’t be any thing except green, beautiful, fed by the stream Btttttttttt!!!!!……..There comes the last words of those two verses:     NOR CEASE TO YIELD FRUIT.”  Before I go further, this is Jere. 11:7,8.

These 5 vss. bothered me greatly for more than a month.  I have a friend who is in charge of the music plus every thing else that goes into a Chapel service for our JTers on Sunday afternoons.  I have done the piano work for her a couple of times but did not want to be called on – it was not a priority for me nor did I want to make it a priority.

But this verse – stayed with me in a full-mode-destroy/change-my-attitude-or-else.  One day, out of the blue (really?) I emailed and told her of the verse and the effect it was making on my life and that I would be happy to fill in for her whenever I might be needed.  I am sure she was shocked, but with the Lord at the helm there is nothing to be shocked about – it is simply Him at work in His wayward hand-made creature that was saved by His only Son dying on the Cross for me more than two thousand years ago.  She was much relieved because the pressure can get to you after a while when you don’t have the people to do the work needed.  One thing led to another.  She is having some physical problems with her hands/arms/etc, and needed me in a real way.

I sat down and laughed about it all.  God “knew” there would be a need and He put me together in a way whereby I could sincerely say, “Yes.  I will help whenever I am needed”.

Is it like other years? No.  But you will read in my Blog of 2/26 what my Dr. said to me – – “release the things I once did and realize they were good and wonderful but they are not now. In the here and now, there will be plenty of “good things” that will be remembered from this chapter of life.”

I filled in for her last Sunday – I will be doing that for the next two Sundays unless she is much better.  To be able to know what I am doing is the right thing on the right day, in the right place is very, very fulfilling.  Perhaps she will not need me again for a long time.  I don’t know.  But I do know that I was missing out on something wonderful from my Lord when I continually said “NO”. I have always known I have the Gift of Helps.  It has always been very easy for me to step in and carry on.  That is where I am at once again.. Not the same but different.  Not challenging but rewarding.  Caring only about making her responsibilities while she is under the weather easier.  That is what it is all about!

Question. How about you?  Do you ever find yourself not wanting to do something?  You don’t want to get involved.  You don’t want to be depended upon for anything?  That really is not what the Lord’s work – or the Lord’s way are all about.

I hope this has helped you to re-evaluate the Word and how it applies to you when you read it.  You cannot just read and march on, unnoticed by the words.  They have to work in your life.  They have to make you uncomfortable with your decisions so that you don’t become complacent – you don’t develop an I-will-do-it-my-way-or-not-at-all.  Take every Word that God gives you to read and think about it and exactly what does it entail for you to live a committed life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and then………..GO FOR IT!!!!  

I guarantee.  it is worth it all, to be under His wings.  MRH.jpgMarge

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