For My Readers from the “Journey” Days….

I know still a few of you follow my Blog though the subject matter has changed.  But today I want to share with you a bit of “my life” that you can still learn from as you “fight” your way through aging.

As most of you know, I have back problems that probably will be with me the rest of the way Home.  I am finding I cannot do as I once pleased and so my experience with my Doctor was/is as follows.  But before I share that you will remember that the back surgeon in Mesa gave me meds that helped me greatly.  Tylenol/Codeine.

While I lived in Prescott, one day I took one of them and then went out and raked pine needles and filled nine trash bags with them.  WHAT FUN.  SO Much ENJOYMENT!!!!  The next day I was filled with pain.  Went to my Therapist.  He asked what I had done to cause this.  I told him I had taken a T/C and filled bags.  He informed me that I should have taken the pill AFTER I was finished.  I informed him I would not have been able to fill even one bag if I had done it that way.  And he responded by saying, “THAT is my point!!”

The Dr. here tells me I must begin to release those things which I once did that I loved so much and begin to realize where I am in life and that the past is the past and something that I can pleasantly remember.  There is a present time that I can find enjoyment in and leave the past behind to simply………..remember with a smile.

He further informed me that when I want to do that, I would find my life fulfilling as it should be for an 82, almost 83, year old.

Okay dear ones.  As you approach your later years without your lover and all that went with that segment of life, I believe we can do it.  Not in our own strength but we can do it because He has given us this time in life to do to the utmost what He is giving us to do. I don’t know what that is. I just know that it is not the same and never will be. Butttttttt.  It will be all it needs to be with Him at the helm.

Joshua was 80 when he conquered So. Palestine.  Abraham was 75 when he took off on a journey and didn’t know where he was going.  Also he was 75 when he received the promise of Isaac, and the promise did not materialize until 25 years later.  Horrors!!!!!  Let’s don’t go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am simply saying, age does not seem to cause any degree of concern for our Lord.  He does have everything under control.  So let’s all go forward, with the problems we have health wise knowing that He knew when he designed us exactly what/when/where/how things would happen to us and He has taken care of it all.

In His Hands and definitely On His Road. 27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n-1.jpg

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