We have just finished a 3-part study on Psalm 23.  Hope you not only “enjoyed”, it but more than, you were blest.

Being 82 – almost 83, I have through the years taken many, many notes, from every source I have sat under.  For the next few weeks I am going to “dissect” for you various Books of the Bible and also various areas in those Books.  There is so much to learn and I am so glad that I took good notes, however many are scribbled and so for me too, I am dissecting for my own good and passing on to you whatever I decide to keep for myself.

These will not be long as Psalm 23 was.  It will be a “one morning stand” if you will.  Much shorter than all I have done before.  We will begin this together on Sunday, February 25th and will see how it goes for a week or two.

I hope you won’t just “read” and say, “that’s great” and then turn the page supposing to remember it.  You won’t.  You will be as stale as ever if you don’t do “something” with it, i.e., copy a bit of it…..Make a hard copy and prepare for yourself a file and on that hard copy you highlight what stands out to you. If all you do is to take notes and never apply action, it is as James says, “You are hearers only and not doers.”

Till next time. 27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n.jpgMarge

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