Yes! Some of you asking……….

We moved to Winnipeg in 1967.  In May of that year, there was a Billy Graham Crusade, in Winnipeg.  Dave was saved on Sun., 5/28/67 and Jan was saved on Tues., 5/30/67.  Dave was 9 and Jan was 8.

I am so grateful that the Crusade was there and the children were saved at that time.  Oh.  it doesn’t mean you have no problems thereafter.  How I wish.  But it does mean that down the road after all the ugly frills of living are over what one has acquired from the Lord, remains intact.

Satan never attacks those who are in his grasp.  He works on those who keep their eyes on their Lord, trying to distract them in every way possible.

I love the story of God and Satan and their conversation re Job and his family.  God told Satan that he could have at-him but he could not take his life.  Well.  For sure he did everything that he could.  But he didn’t touch Mrs Job. He wouldn’t.  She was his hit-woman.  When Job was so in pain from the boils, etc., she came to him and said,  “Do you still hold fast your integrity?  Curse God and die!”  THAT’S THE KIND OF A WIFE EVERY MAN NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!  Of course Satan would not remove her.  She was working for him!

Same is true today.  Those who do not belong to the Lord he doesn’t bother because they have not/will not commit to the Lord buttttttttttt I can guarantee that he is always sitting on my windowsill with his black, month-old coffee in his dirty cup waiting….waiting….waiting to destroy me in whatever way he can, either with my big mouth, or doing too much at a time, or anything at all that will deter me.  I have times when I miss my time in the Word because I have overlapped my day.  But then I say, “tomorrow will be better”.  Not if Satan has his way!!!!! The same is true with all Christians.

But while I sit here battering away at Satan and Job, I am so blessed with the theft on the cross. No bible study attended.  No walking the aisle. No kneeling at the altar. No 6 week training session, just simply, “Jesus remember me when You come in Your Kingdom!” (Luke 23:42)  And Jesus said.  ‘Truly I say to you today you shall be with Me in Paradise”. (Luke 23:43) It was a last-minute turn-around but it DID happen.

Secure in the Lord.  27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n-1.jpgMarge

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