Today on Facebook there are so many people recognizing that Billy Graham was one of God’s servants for our generation(s).  In amongst the love and support for the family that is being shown are those who are laughing in their faces and making remarks that only the world loaded with friends of Satan would consider promoting.

I will not give them the time of day by printing the name(s) but I can say this.  They have given me further acknowledgement of how I stand with my Lord.  Some times we Christians seem to be going along with not much happening to come to our defense regarding our Lord except for what develops/happens/is created by way of faith in our own lives.

Some times my own faith wavers.  But it will never fall out of my life, in fact, it is becoming stronger day by day.  At almost 83, I find my body weakening but my faith growing in strength.

Jesus Christ is Lord!  Jesus Christ came to live and die for me.  And He is coming back some day and I will be one of those passengers that He will be picking up.  And I am proud of it.

I have said many times, Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.  We live and we accept that Relationship by faith and faith alone.  There is no “religion” any where that boasts of the Founder rising from the dead and promises to come back some day to receive Believers to Himself.

The Bible is old. It is ancient.  It is trust-worthy. Prophecy is real…..right on.  God does not lie.  In the beginning…….God.

Maranatha.  27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n-1.jpgMarge

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