Hummm….how things happen/develop

Yesterday I was asked by a dear friend if I had ever heard a song with the words, “I’d give a million tomorrows for one yesterday with you”.  I had not heard it but knew I could locate it online.  I did.  Gave it to my friend. Came home and got online and there another dear friend had a “remembrance” posted.  (She too, is a widow and as I, always, we will miss our beloved).  Here is what I saw on the screen.

“If I could have a wish come true a dream that would come to pass, I’d ask to spend a day with you and pray that it would happen.

“I’d run to you and hold you close.  We’d laugh and smile again. I’d listen so intently as you told me how you’ve been.

“When time was up, I’d hold you so close, not wanting to let go. You’d smile and tell me, ‘see you soon’ and somehow I would know that while it’s very hard to wait, one day the time will come and I’ll join you there forevermore when I, too, am called Home.

“My wish may go ungranted but it always will be true…I’d trade many of my tomorrows for one yesterday with you.”


I’m sharing this with you because this is what makes a day for us who have had a jolt to our systems – – a tearing-a-part that can heal but be scarred for life. It is little things like this writing that brings a smile and a closed eye and a moment has stopped still for us.  Some of you are having that kind of a moment as you just read the above.  Wonderful, wasn’t it!!

Always remembering……..27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n-1.jpgMarge

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