It’s over for another year…..

It is now the day-after-the-day-before which was the blessed Valentine’s Day  a/k/a what would have been our 51st anniversary.

On Valentine’s Day, I went out for filet mignon, 6 oz., with a garden salad, fresh green beans and one scoop of vanilla ice cream and wonderful, wonderful coffee.  I left home at 11am and was back home at 12:30. There were several customers at the restaurant where I was but they were enjoying drinks first and I went right for the food, sooooooooo, I was served first, thus the reason for the speed of the meal.  And I must say I was glad to not have to linger.

I came home and put away all my Valentine decorations and also threw some away.  It is nice to get things cheaply and then you can ditch them and next time you have new things again, though they are only “new” to you.  Love it.

I also had another spurt when I came home. Od was wondering what had gotten into me.  He hid under the bed for the longest of time.  I got out some storage bins from the closet and took the contents to the big trash bin and dumped them.  My goal is to decrease my closet by 50% before Easter which is April first.

It has drizzled all day off and on.  So nice to see rain.  We have need of it badly here in our area.

Thanks for your emails – your phone calls (sorry I have missed several due to phone problems), and your cards.  Loren would have enjoyed your letters, too. Thanks for your love and your thoughts.

My life constantly takes on a new view in one way or another.  I am so fortunate to have good places to get online Bible Studies.  Moving ahead is important, not at the expense of hurrying without retaining anything but instead, each time I sit down to study I want to take something from it to USE right now in my life.  Studying without using what you learn doesn’t show much growth – not in me, that is.  James sort’ve tells us not only to take in but to give out and of course this type of service is important for growth.

Til next time.  27858908_10213009969696963_1775503538560209235_n-1.jpgMarge




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