The Temptations of Jesus~~

Our mini Bible Study today is on the Temptations of Jesus and we find them in Matt. 4:1-11, Mark 1:12,13, and Luke 4:1-13.

I hope you will look all of these up.  Remember you can go to and see all of these and also you can read them in every translation, and version and I like, also The Living Bible.  I particularly like the way it states the phasing of Jesus’ answers to Satan.*

Once you read the above, then you can decipher a bit.    Remember you defeat Satan by using the weapon that you have at your disposal:  GOD’S WORD.

Satan knew Scripture “to a point”.

He misquoted Psa. 91:5.  Matt. 4:6.  Luke 4:10.

What is our conclusion from the above illustration of Satan/Jesus communicating?


God TESTS ~~~~~ the Devil TEMPTS to evil.

Meet ALL temptations with spiritual truth:  GOD’S WORD.

*In the Living Bible we read that Jesus said, “IT IS WRITTEN“.  Right off the bat, Jesus let’s the Devil know that He knows the Word and the Word will be His shield and strength.  He gave us a super example of why we need to know the Word.  We cannot use it in battle unless we KNOW it.

How are you coming on your memory work?

Til next time.      Marge

God will not command you to do something that He will not enable you to do.

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