God is so on-time and works all things out!

My Rollator arrived this morning by USPS.  The Post Man brought it to my apartment.

Once a month, a Rollator representative comes to check rollators, repair them and adjust them.  Guess what!!! This was his morning to be here. I dashed over and told him mine had arrived.  He said he would come, open the box, get it out, put it together and adjust it to my sizing. Also showed me some tips for using it.

ISN’T GOD SIMPLY THE MOST WONDERFUL in taking care of me in so many ways?  I even had a place readied for it in the kitchen area.


I know!  Doesn’t take much to make me happy any more.  I am having a name plate engraved to put on the back of the seat.

The “DRIVE” company makes these.  I think I am going to simply name it “Driver”.  Come on Driver, let’s go!!

It has no idea what it is in for.  It is mine for the rest of my lifetime!!!!  Wonder how many mph it will go!!! Thrift stores – here I come!!!!!!

Happy in my Lord – – – again today!!  Marge


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