Good thoughts – wanna share with you!

I have been spending recent times in the Bible Studies of Dr. Adrian Rogers.  I have one of his “minute devotionals” showing on my computer each morning.  I want to share a bit of Sunday’s devotional with you.

He writes, “don’t cling to the worthless things of this world, but use your resources and energies wisely to invest in souls and store up eternal treasures in Heaven.

“Add up everything you have that money can’t buy and death can’t take away and the sum will reveal to you how rich you are.”

(A thought from another time, another life).

Loren loved playing golf – – loved it!!!!!  He began playing golf at 50.  He always said he wished he had started years before. He would go to the practice range at least twice a week and practice.

Whenever he would practice or be there to play, his heart was always responding in a Christian way with a Christian attitude.  I have shared things that he said and did on the course before, so you know from other times how he was.

He didn’t go there and show other men how much ‘above’ the average person he was.  Not at all.  His attitude was always a humble one – one that always thought of the other person first. Always concerned for them and their betterment. If a wife was in the hospital, he would go visit.  When they would return from their homes each year for the winter months (snowbirds), we would have them for dinner. And before they would say goodbye for the season, they would be in our home again for a meal.

One time a new person who was there without a playing space was invited to join their foursome as one had to cancel late.  When they shook hands at the end, he said to Loren, “Tell me, what makes you tick?  What makes you respond as you do to other people?”  And that was the “Door” to introducing the Lord.

Another golfer aiming at becoming Pro, became a Christian,  went to Seminary and became a pastor.  Two other players simply rededicated their lives in their own church and made a difference right where they were.

One of the players was a Snowbird. Him and his wife had returned back to Ohio before Loren went Home.  But upon hearing of his Homegoing, he flew back for the service.  And three other golfers and their wives were there as well.  THAT speaks volumes for who Loren was and how he lived ‘within’. Yes.  He went to his earthly grave a “rich” man. But you would never know it because of his very humble way.

God uses his servants on the golf course just like he does other places – right there – right now – in whatever way He wants and the servant heart and servant mind will face their Lord with open arms and can hear their Lord calling and will give the answer – – – – “Here am I Lord!  Send me!”

Those were the things Loren could add up that one could not buy and death could not take away.  How about you?  What are you adding up and what is your total!!!!

Totaling and evaluating in my own life!  Marge

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