Mixed Moments Today for Me~~~~

As I write tonight I am thinking mostly of those out there in reader-land who are getting into middle age and finding the empty nest syndrome alive and well.  I am writing also to those who do nothing but waste their time with the TV and crossword puzzles. Oh by the way.  Interested in Crossword puzzles?  That is fine but why not kill two birds with one stone?  Get a Biblical puzzle.  I tell you, you may “think” you know a lot of the Bible but I guarantee you don’t.  There will never be a time when you know it all and no longer need to improve.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Some times I am asked what do I do all day?  It would be hard to tell you. If I did, you would find it mundane, boring, (useless for non-christians), but not for me.

I use my computer A LOT.  I turn the TV on when I get up to low volume to Easy Listening music which goes 24/7 without ANY singing or talking.  It is turned off when I go to bed at night.  I study a lot.  Memorize too.

My eye is not on the here and now – it is on my eternal living and I can’t make it without knowing the Word of God and then living it out daily.  There are Biblical guidelines for this. Get the computer open to BibleGateway.com. It has 59 versions of every verse in God’s Word.  I find the version that speaks to my heart the most and that is the one I memorize.  You can’t live the Truth and get to heaven on someone else’s coat tails.  You can’t live the Truth and not know the Word which is the Truth.  You study, learn, memorize.

Perhaps you have someone reading/maybe studying a bit with you.  What about when there isn’t “you”?  Do you see them ever pick up a Bible and read, let alone study?  The Holy Spirit always nudges us IF we are Christians. When we are christians, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us and He works in and through our lives.  Not a ha ha he he person, but a part of the Trinity.

Do they even have a Bible they can call their own?  Ever given a thot to getting one for them for their birthday or Christmas gift?  Just an idea……

For study, I latch on to 2Tim. 2:15 and I like the KJV.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a woman that has nothing to be ashamed of, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

So what does it say in a nutshell? Very simple.  Study God’s Word so you know how He wants you to live.  It is all there.

What about the way I look?  With a face like mine you can do only so much and you have to leave the rest to Him.  WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

For study, I go to 2Tim. 2:9 and I like the LB.

“…the women should be the same way, quiet and sensible in manner and clothing.  The Christian women should be noticed for being kind and good, not the way they fix their hair or because of their jewels or fancy clothing.”

(A side thot here.)  Have you ever taken notice of how the ten top wealthiest people look?  None of them are outlandish in their dress.  Some of them dress about as ‘normal’ as we do.

This will whet your appetite.  God’s Word does have answers for all of our enquiring minds today.  Nothing is really old fashion but it is down to earth, easy to understand and actually very easy to find so we can get a pattern for living that is approved by God for you and for me.  We should not want any thing else.

I will leave you with this one thought that I found interesting~~~~~

Some time ago Muhammad Ali (no longer with us) said to his daughter:

“Where do you find diamonds?  Deep down in the ground, covered and protected.  Where do you find pearls?  Deep down in the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell.  You’ve got to work hard to get to them.  Your body is sacred.  You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too”

Spoken well, I would say.

“Til next time.  Marge


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