Senior Adults! Don’t do it!!!

I am here to tell you that most people are well intentioned and some are…………well they think they are doing you a favor but really aren’t.

Today I purchased my new Rollator.  Online.

Marge!  How could you do that!! You can go to the Thrift Store and pick up one for next to nothing.  You didn’t even see it before you purchased!!!  On and on I could go.  All around me – – people wanting to help and really the best way they could have helped would have been to shut up.

Seniors.  If you are beginning to look for a Rollator.  I suggest you see as many people who presently are using a Rollator AND are your size.  Sit on their Rollator.  Take it for a walk, maybe just to the corner and back.  See how the handles feel – your arms need to be about a 15 degree angle and you want the height of the seat correct for you to sit on – – that way you won’t be dangling your legs when you sit.  You never want to PUSH it.  You want to WALK with it.  When you push you are leaning over.  Never do that.  WALK with it. (For me, I imagine my lover walking hand in hand with me). IT NEEDS TO FIT YOU!!!!!!!!!

There is so much to consider.  I have done the above with about 25 Rollators here on the Campus of LifeStream.  I found one that was made for me. I waited a couple of weeks then I took it for another “spin”.  It simply felt right in so many ways.  This is a means of transportation in many ways, so don’t push aside the comfort that you should find.  I have walked with some that taking only a couple of steps told me I did not like it for comfort. Seat was small….Seat was too hard….The little bag under the seat was only a mesh – not enclosed….Wheels were 8″….

The gal who has the one I decided on to purchase has had it for about ten years already, I might add she is a spry 96 year old. I did my measuring of diameter of wheels, size of seat, height of handles and when I went on line to order it, I found it in Dr. Leonards catalog and the only one they sell.  Sizes all matched what I had taken as well.

I could have gone to the Thrift Store and gotten one with no guarantee, and who knows how it had been treated – ie., left out in a rain storm – outside a lot – all scratched up.  NOPE!  This will be mine the rest of the way Home.  This one also is one of the best on the market today. Go online to Dr. Leonard’s Catalog and there you will find this.  It comes in black or red.  I got the black – it goes with everything.  I wear mauve and pink a lot – – THOSE don’t go too well with red.


drive-medical-rollator_51293BLK_xl0Hope this will help you if you are beginning to look for one.   And I can tell you that on this side of the Campus there are 3 people not using any “help”, 2 people using a cane (I am one of the two) and ALL the rest are using the Rollator or wheelchairs.(The old fashioned walker as my husband used doesn’t exist around here.  NO ONE has one except me.) This is also very compact – it folds up to 8″ and is only 12 lbs.

Happy hunting/happy finding/blessed usage.  Marge

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