Seasons~~~~The Memory Box

For all my readers who are in the wonderful world of Senior Adults, this is just to confirm to you that this ole lady is still fighting the extinction of seasons in her life.

For years I have loved to cook.  My husband used to look twice at me when we would be having guests for dinner and I was fixing something new.  For goodness sake!!! Why would that be a concern!!!! lol

I did have the two meal a day plan here at LS but gave up one meal in lieu of fixing my own recipes for December and January.  CAN YOU BELIEVE!!!!  The holidays are over.  I still have about three recipes that I want to make for the last time before I get rid of what few dishes I have left.  COFFEE MUGS will remain though!!!!  That would be a very severe extinction for me!!!!

Everyone wants to know the easiest way of coming to the end of a season in life.  I wish I could give you a good easy way but there ain’t!!  Because there “ain’t” I like to make a bit of a celebration when I am closing down some phase of life simply so I can have the time to look back and cherish the times I have burned something up or fixed something so fabulous that it was made at least once a month.

My husband loved two things:  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Royal Flan for dessert. I have made them and eaten them and smiled at every remembrance I had.  When I made the Flan I ate it all at one meal.  That is what Loren always did.  He LOVED it!!!!

I have shared many, many recipes with you all through these posting years.  I think I had about fifteen recipes for punch – – every color punch under the sun, I think.

February first begins the two meal a day plan again.  What kind of things will I keep then in my frig.? I pick up 1 c. cartons of milk at breakfast time, so I will continue that.  Cereal of course, but no large pkgs.  I like the one serving size whereby you can have a variety of about 5 or 6 kinds in the package.  I love saltine crackers and cheese.  I buy the cheese cut in squares so they fit on the cracker.  Nice before going to bed.  (Od has to have cheese in order to get his nightly pill down.) Frozen waffles, maybe 3 Stauffer frozen meals, 4 cans of various soups and maybe some raisin bread and butter.  Thats it!  OF COURSE! Kcups for when I want coffee in a hurry and regular grind coffee when I want to make my own Kcups.  The difference?  I have to clean out my own Kcups whereby the ones I buy I can toss.

The best way for me to have “Seasons” is to have a celebration, sort’ve.  I make and eat the food and cherish other moments in time when my husband enjoyed so much sitting down to a nice meal with candlelight and a centerpiece. (The Wpg years found our breakfasts always with candle lighting and some kind of a centerpiece.)

But enjoy that moment in time celebration remembering that you DID once upon a time have life swirling around, health strength and those around you that you loved so very, very much.  Then in your mind, take that beautiful box that is on the top shelf in your mental library and place in it that memory.  Put the lid gently back on that box and put it back up on that shelf in your mental library.  You will be taking it down again – there will be something else that you want to put in it somewhere down the road.

The extinction of Seasons happen.  Make the most of the last of those times.  When you are alone you will find that you would give anything in the world for just one more time, one more thank you for a good dinner, one more kiss…………… more “I love you”. . You will have it all.  You will be able to sit down some evening and lean back in your chair and take that box from the top shelf in your mental library and enjoy each memory as it swirls around you with the flavor of love and then it will find its way back into the box to be closed up once again……………..until the next time.

Seasons ~~~~ seasoned richly.  Marge

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