It was a Discouraging Day, sort’ve ~~

Some days are slower than others.  Some days are sadder than others.  Some days seem longer, without end, than others.  Some days……… can feel useless, not important to any one.

Today was one of those days.  We are losing people here at LifeStream.  I know they believed in the Lord and are home but still for us earth people it is difficult at times.

I read a blog which brings encouragement to me at times.  I would like to direct you to that Blog just now for upliftness to your spirits too. It is entitled, Karina’s Thought and read her posting entitled , “You in the Eyes of God”.  It lifted me miles high.  It assured me that though I am nothing – – in God’s sight He has the ability and love to do with me anything that He wants.  I loved this posting.  Encouraged me today.  Please take the time to read it and savor every sentence.  It tells us exactly what God did and what he does and there is no end in sight for His working in our lives.  But we have to be more than dear me.. oh my, oh me.  There’s only room for turning our eyes to Him and waiting upon Him and He WILL do the rest. Enjoy it and be blest.

In His Nail-Scarred Hands.  Marge

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