I remember ~~~~

~~~~The Winnipeg Years.  They brought so much into our lives – we lived excitedly in those years.  Our church was our focal point for so long. I truly believe they were the beginning of the best years of my life.

At the church we had Missionary Conferences each year.  During that special week, Missionaries would speak at various meetings and in homes.  During the mornings there would be coffee parties in homes whereby the hostess would have invited as many as she wished for a get-acquainted of one particular missionary or missionary couple.  There would be quite a few coffee parties going on during that week.  Then on the Sunday evenings we would have the Youth over for a get-acquainted time with Missionaries at our place.

I am remembering this one Sunday evening when the Missionary couple was telling stories of how God kept them and did miraculous things in the Village and area where they were stationed.

They spoke of one night when there was an emergency landing by MAF.  (MAF is short for Missionary Aviation Fellowship).  Planes were not acquainted with the village or the surrounding areas and landing at night was next thing to impossible.  But this one particular night, MAF came.  They circled a few times, went around once more and then finalized their approach and landed safely.  They picked up their patient and took off – all in less than an hour’s time.

What I haven’t told you is – – – – there was no air-strip.  Never had been.  When morning came, it was simply the worn-out area of field and trees,  just as it had been for weeks/months/years in the past.

You of the Omegans who read this will well remember that Sunday evening back in 1975, when they told the story of how God prepared for the plane to land and take off with their emergency patient, even though there wasn’t a landing strip except there was one ………………………………………………………….. for a very short time.

Life moved on but the memories did not. Awesome, awesome God that we serve!!!!


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