100% Promise turned out to be 100% Testimony!!!!

Once in an eternity, special people come into your lives and they leave their mark through the continued, solid, deep level of God’s love that He has given them.

In 1969 a young couple was kneeling on the platform at Grant Memorial Baptist Church.  The Deacons had come to the platform to lay their hands on them, commissioning them to translate God’s Word. Our Pastor  was ready to pray to that end.

The young couple did not have their funds but they were continuing on in faith – believing.  The “belief” came in the form of a man whom the Lord had just given the okay to “make the move”.  Loren stood to his feet and asked if he might speak.  The Pastor was ready to pray but he gave the floor to Loren. (Loren had feverishly been scribbling figures on a file card) and NOW ~~ turning to the church, he told the church that, “we would give X number of dollars per month and if X number of the church would give X number of dollars per month, Keith and Wilma’s needs would be taken care of, right here, this morning, in our own church.”

Loren sat down. Yip.  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!! A blessed quietness came over the church.  You could “feel” the move beginning over the congregation as one by one they stood to their feet and the blessed, biblical transaction was made.  (Loren very carefully was keeping track of each member who agreed to be a part of the funding.  Then.  He looked at me and circled the total that was needed!! The X NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTORS NEEDED HAD JUST SAID, YES!!

It was then time ~~~~~~~ the Pastor prayed.  (Much had transpired between the time when he was “suppose” to pray and the time that he “did” pray.)

They got up from their knees having seen, heard, felt the Hand of God as only HE can do…….and the work began for the Forsters.

Fast forward ….. In 2013 the Kuna Bible was finished! The preparations for an audio version of the whole Kuna Bible began. And they have a vision for Kuna material done on waterproof paper. A waterproof publication of the scriptures tickles the imagination and the dreams of these two wonder-working servants. There is so much else as well.  Too much for me to even think about listing.

It is now 49 years later and the Forsters have seen the Hand of God over and over and over again.  They are retired now.  They have three grown/married children.  Keith’s health is deteriorating rather rapidly and they are comfortable now in the home of one of their daughter’s.  (Interesting point: the daughter and her husband have moved to the guest bedroom so her folks can have their master suite during these days.)  God continues to shower this precious couple with His love, His compassion, His faithfulness.  He has given them a lovely, Christian caregiver who is determined to make Keith as comfortable as possible.  YES!  God cares about every detail of a life.

I am going to close with Keith’s testimony of a long time ago……………….. 1963 when God’s call was confirmed on his own life for full time service.  He said……………

“The verse I was given that day was 1 Chronicles 28:20:  ‘Be strong and courageous and do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God….is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until ALL the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished.’

He goes on to say, ” In 1963 this verse was 100% promise.  Now I gratefully testify that the verse is 100% testimony to God’s faithfulness.  He HAS been with us.  He HAS NOT failed us…AND…He has given us the privilege of finishing ALL the work to which He called us. We serve an incredible God.”

May God continue to bless these two precious servants of His.  I am so grateful for my husband who stepped out in faith, believing so very long ago, that God’s work would not be frayed or weakened and that His might was stronger than any foe that would confront Him and that the work of the Lord would go forward as God and God alone would deem.

And yes,  I continue monthly to make that payment and I will, as long as I live.  What God deems necessary let no man, or woman think or do otherwise.

In His Hands safely for the rest of the journey Home.  Marge


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