Remembering ~~~~

~~~There is so much that we remember as we age.  Funny, isn’t!!  We have a hard time remembering things and yet, we ~~~~~~~~ remember~~~~~~~~~.

When one of us was under the weather and needed to stay home on Sunday mornings, the other one would be right there for us.  When asked if we were ill we would acknowledge, of course, and then we would say, “We went to Memphis to church this morning”.  That meant that we listened to The First Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, with Dr. Adrian Rogers.  He is Home now.  The ministry lives on in my life with his Bible Studies.  They are so different from the Studies we get today which have questions for us to answer and really you learn very little because you are soothing your own “likes” and “dislikes” with the answers.

With Dr. Rogers the only answers you supply are found when the question arises and you are referred to the Bible for the answer and the “like and dislike” is not an option.

Now with Loren Home too, Sundays just are not the same.  Weaknesses and difficulties multiply and for me, I have not been in church since before Thanksgiving.  There was an altercation with a person with Dementia and the back took a huge blow.  As it continues to return to some form of healing, I feel at times like the little geysers at Yellowstone.  You see a little “hiccup” once in a while, here and there.  First, it is the shoulder, then the knee, then where the screws in the feet are, then~~~then~~~then.

I find myself going to Atlanta now for church on Sunday mornings, more than not.   Dr. Charles Stanley is a fine preacher.  I hadn’t realized it but I have been taking notes. THAT has been a long time. I remember how Loren and I would feverishly take notes from sermons and then during the week we would incorporate our learnings.

I am so grateful that I returned to Lifestream when I did.  It was time to settle down and stay put.  We have specific times scheduled for going places but it takes up a lot of time as you need to be at the Bus area 20 minutes ahead of time and you really do not have the time to relax as you go out.  I find it is easier on me to schedule a trip out to a store on my own and when I am ready to come home. I call and they come and pick me up.  It is only me then and my timing is my timing and more relaxed as well.

I have been cleaning out my files and getting rid of a lot of “stuff” that no one would want.  I have personally watched several families who have come to clean out the apartment of their loved ones and they simply take the big black plastic bags, fill them up, and fill the big trash bins to the brim.  I am hopeful there will not be too much that needs to have that done to it.  At least I am working on getting things cleaned up. I have already given all the special things to family that I want given specifically.  I do have to admit there are times when I wish I hadn’t done it because it is at that time that you realize or find out I guess I should say, that what you think is so nice, isn’t anything really that they want, but they take it out of kindness and do otherwise with it. You know what!  When it was my turn to be in that position, that is exactly what I did too.  Times are different now – people are different and the generations are changing drastically.

Well.  I have rambled enough.  To all you readers, learn from one person’s experience with life in the latter years.  Things change.  People change.  Families change. Nothing is how it used to be.  You live and learn and it is best when you find the energy to live life to the fullest no matter what stage you are in.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”  Amen to that!!


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