The Five Emotional Love Languages ~~

Valentines Day is a little less than a month away.  Do you have that “special someone” in your life?  Make sure you work on that word “special” and be prepared for February 14th.

Here are the five emotional love languages~~~ 1. Words.   2.  Gifts.    3.  Acts of Service.    4.  Quality time.    5.  Physical Touch.


1.  Words.  1 Cor. 8:1.   Build up.  Compliment instead of nagging.


2.  Gifts.  Eph. 5:25.  “I was thinking about you while we were apart”.


3.  Acts of Service.  1 John 3:18.  Do something!***


4.  Quality Time.  Mark 3:14.  Undivided attention:  listening and hearing.  One can hear without listening.  Easily!!!!


5.  Physical Touch.  Mark 10:13-16.  Husbands and wives almost ALWAYS NEVER have the same Love language.  Learn his love language and give it to him. (Not used to doing that? Better get used to it.)


*** My husband had two things that were ALWAYS important to him: 1)  A clean windshield.  2) Polish the golf shoes after a game.  

He would do this after he had rested for a bit.  There were times when the shoes were polished, shined, the shoe trees were in them and they were on the shelf waiting for the next BIG game, when he went out to take care of them.  Many, many, many times, before he got to the garage to put the golf shoes on, I would have the shoe trees out of them and they were waiting for him to put them on.

The windshield?  It always had a way of attracting bugs. I made it a habit – not all the time – but many times – simply go out,  get the paper towels, Windex and do em. 

You know what happened each time?  He would come in put his arms around my waist and say, “thank you, darling. You are always so thoughtful”  Who do you think won the battle that wasn’t had!!!!!!

I will never forget.  He wanted a certain type of hubcap.  Before his birthday one year, I took the car and got them.  Later that day, he took the car to be washed,  He had not yet noticed the change.

When the car was in the drying mode, he would keep his eye out for it.  This one time they came in and got him.  He had been watching for a car with certain hubcaps, but the car had “different” hubcaps  – –  the ones he had been wanting. 

When he came home from the Car Wash, I was in the kitchen and he stood in the kitchen door looking at me.  I looked at him. Neither one of us said anything for a few moments – I was savoring the moment in time when I could please him and the wonderful feeling that had been instilled within.



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