Potpourri Stop-over

This is a breather from our norm together.  Potpourri of life. So much going on and different for each one.  Today is a lighter side of life, but just as important in many ways.


All time favorite dessert:  PEACH COBBLER

1 large can peaches, 1 c. each milk, flour, sugar. 1/2 c. melted butter, 1/2 tsp. each nutmeg, cinnamon.

Mix flour sugar, spices and butter. pour into 8×8 pan.  Mix peaches, juice and sugar together.  Pour on top of the flour mixture.  No need to stir.  Bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes.


1 pkg. boneless thighs, 1 pt. Swansons Chicken Broth, cook on high 5 hours.  Shred.

Add:  2 cans *Black beans, 1 can *white corn, 2 cans *diced tomatoes, 2 T. MILD Taco Seasoning, 8 oz. cream cheese. Continue on low for 3 more hours.  Serve.

I always add the juice from the vegetables.  When getting diced tomatoes, I get the Italian Diced Tomatoes. Like the seasonings that are in them.  I  get “white” corn as it does not seem as “tough” as the yellow.


~~~~~Sore throat.  Gargle 3x a day with quite warm salt water.


~~~~~When having an early morning appointment and need to fast including not taking meds before the blood work, the night before, put one of your prescription bottles on the counter by your lavatory UPSIDE DOWN.  That reminds you NOT to take them YET.


~~~~~Need more room in the cabinet area in the kitchen?  Take two of the same size COMMAND “hooks” and your skillet or kettle lid, hold the lid inside the two hooks so they will be placed correctly and put the two hooks on the inside of cabinet door.

~~~~~Save your toilet tissue and paper towel tubes.  Use them to store extension cords, etc.

~~~~~Serving punch for a get-together?  Make ice cubes out of the juice, i.e. cranberry, grape, whatever your main ingredient is.  This will keep your punch from being diluted.

~~~~~Frozen grapes.  Use the red, seedless grapes when they are on sale.  Wash them and remove the stems.  Dry them. Place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet that will fit in your refrigerator (deep freeze if you have a freezer).  When they have frozen solid put them immediately into baggies.  These make wonderful treats.  Have a dish of them to pass around at the table from time to time as well.

~~~~~General rule of thumb!  When taking the last item from the drawer or shelf be sure the next time out, that you purchase the replacement for it so you are not caught short-handed, i.e. ink for the printer, or any OTC meds that you take normally.

~~~~~Holes in your walls where you have used nails?  Use white (not gel form) toothpaste to fill them.

~~~~~Artificial plants/trees in your home?  Take them out on a hot summer day and wash them down with the hose.  Leave them in the sun to dry. (I do mine twice a year, once before Easter and once after Hallowe’en)

~~~~~WalMart has Copy paper in packages of 750 sheets, instead of 500.

Enjoy.  Next time we will return to God’s Word and what He has for us there.

In His Hands.  Marge



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