Welcome~~ New Dehli

WOW!  You are a  l-o-n-g. way from here.  I hope you will find comfort, quietness and peace on each of your stop-overs at my site.

Today for each of you, with it being the beginning of a New Year, it is always a good time to take inventory of all we do and all we should taper a bit, and all we should do away with and all we should _______________________ (you name it).

First and foremost is our quiet time each day.  I sometimes begin to get in a rut because it is more comfortable that way or I am too lazy to begin something that I have to “remember” for a while before it gets mundane.  Ever felt that way?  Thot so!!

I have notebooks of notes, lessons, etc, and so I am sharing some of those with you during these next few months.  Hope you find them as helpful as I have.



This is a daily experience with Jesus from which our whole life draws direction, strength, joy, and vitality.


First must MEET Him. (Have I put my trust in Him?)

I must SPEND TIME with Him.  Devote more effort to knowing God better.  (This is not automatic)

INGREDIENTS of a Quiet Time with my Lord~~~~

TIME.  Regular, habitual time every day. (Psa. 143:8)

The WORD OF GOD.  Need to become used to God’s way of thinking about matters.  He {speaks) to me as I read His truth.  (Isa. 55:8,9)

The HOLY SPIRIT.  This is “God in Residence” in the heart of every believer.  He will lead me to a fuller, more personal knowledge of God.  (Eph. 1:17)

PRAYER.  God wants me to come to Him in prayer.  To talk to Him. He promises complete joy, as a result of prayer in His Name.  (John 16:24)

OBEDIENCE.  In my quiet time I will receive leadership from God concerning my life. As I obey, my knowledge of God increases.  Obedience should not be feared.  It is a joyful, progressive, learning experience.  (John 14:21)

The above “Plan” is a mouthful.  Hard to accomplish unless we come humbly to Him and ask of Him, insight into His Word, understanding to maintain what He wants in just our own heart and mind – not some one elses.  We need to close that closet door each day (even if we are sitting in the middle of a room), still,  it can be our “closet” whereby He sits across from us and teaches and files the sharp edges of the heart, and closes the door on Satan’s attendance on your conversation with the Lord.

Satan is the most professional of all.  He knows a lot, don’t ever underestimate Him.  HE IS POWERFUL but always remember God has the letters ALL written before that word POWERFUL and He is the One with the last word on, in, or with anything.

Let me warn you.  You might find yourself a few weeks or months down the road, wanting to spend more time in the Word.  BE SURE THAT IS FROM THE LORD AND NOT SATAN.  Yes.  You read correctly.  You see, he has a way of getting you on a little bit further and then showing you that you are taking way too much time and it costs you frayed hours trying to catch up on everything else and then down the road further, you decide to “cut back” on your Quiet Time.  Back further than the Lord would want.  You see. Satan does have ways of curtailing your very best intentions.  Watch out for him.  He is powerful.  God is ALL POWERFUL!!

Remember God gave Satan the go-ahead to do whatever he wanted to with Job EXCEPT take his life.  Satan went hog-wild and did it all, but Job’s life was spared. So you see, IN THE END, who will have the last say.

So pray earnestly for God’s leading and blessing upon your quiet time.  Then daily with Bible in hand, marker, pen or pencil, and notebook in hand, sit down expecting to hear from the Lord…..expecting great things from the Lord.

There won’t be earth moving things but you may find a speck of calmness within your heart…..you may find God has touched your mind and making you more responsive to verses…..you may even feel like staying a few moments longer in the Word.  YOU WILL KNOW.  “Something” has been touched early on and then later your love for the Lord will make you more and more hungry for His Word and then the two of you, together, will change your world, if it is only a different relationship with your dog – – – it will happen.

Lord!  Change us. Make us more like You. Give us direction.  Set a hedge round us.  We pray that Satan might be bound in thought, deeds, and actions. Set our hearts and minds and souls on fire for Your Will to be permanently solidified within us.  Yes, Lord.  And thank You also.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.


Til next time.  In His Hands and On His Road.  Marge


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