Turning from Christmas to Easter

Well.  There were 33 years between Christmas and Easter. They were SOME 33 years, weren’t they!!

I look at some things in the Word and I wonder, how is it that those who spent so much time with the Lord could doubt so easily.  But you know, Jesus was One of a kind and what He said and did and what He was preparing for, was definitely awesome – out of this world – unbelievable.

Going back to Luke 1, I see a simple difference between Zechariah and Mary.

“How can I be sure of this – I am an old man and my wife is well along in years”.


“How will this be since I am a virgin?  I am the Lord’s servant.  May it be to me as you have said”.

What is the difference between the two of them?  Zechariah did not believe what the angel told him.

WOW!!  Zechariah, a priest, serving the Lord – – AND YET did not believe the angel.

Mary, a peasant,  probably uneducated – put her child-like faith into action.

Lord!  Help me – – help my reader – – Help us to be like MARY!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s drop over to Luke 2 for a few moments now and think about something else.

Luke dated the events he wrote about, i.e. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

1) Roman Census, Quirinius was governor of Syria.    2) Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant when the angel visited Mary.    3) Mary stayed with Elizabeth almost until John was born.    4) Anna was a Prophetess, married for 7 years, then a widow until she was 84.   5) After Feast of Passover – – Jesus was 12 years old.  Parents traveled ONE WHOLE DAY before missing him.  THREE DAYS LATER they found Him.

What do you think went through Mary and Joseph’s minds while they were looking for Him?

Did Luke interview Mary during his investigations into Jesus’ life?


Let’s slip over to Luke 24 now.

The disciples’ reactions to Jesus’ resurrection was one of puzzlement, unbelieving and excited.

When they were finally convinced and He stood among them, they were frightened.  BUTTTTTTTT……they believed Him – worshipped Him and praised God.

The Lord may be very near me/you and yet I/you may not know Him. Luke 24:16

It has always puzzled me though.  The disciples were always with Him, listened to Him, learned from Him, believed in Him.  YET!!!! They seemed to not know, or believe, or understand.


Believe/Faith. Believe/Faith.  Believe/Faith.    Believe/Faith.

Lord.  Give to us a keen mind to read, to study, to realize all that You have gone through and all You have made available to us and for us.  Simply Believe.  Teach us to simply have faith like it is going out of season any moment!!!!!!  Thank You for what You are going to do in each of our lives.  Amen!!

Question for each of us…. Is there enough going on in my life – – in your life – – for Satan and Jesus to talk about?

Jesus tells Peter that Satan has asked for Him.  Luke 22:31.

God and Satan had a talk about Job.  Job 1:7,8, 12

How badly do I want to change?  How badly do you want to change?  Luke 7 (This is a very powerful chapter!!)

Mega Blessings! Marge

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