January 3rd ~~~~

My post on January 3rd entitled, “This is so Important”, was not written for everyone.  Because the article was so very well written and laid out I wanted all of my friends who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior yet to be able to read it and give some thought and prayer to it.

I have many friends on the road of my Blog who do not profess to know the Lord and make no bones about it.  I know that I know that I know the road – – the journey – – that Christians are on is not always easy but when the going gets rough, we have an Anchor and believe me it is that Anchor that keeps us afloat and able to survive the situations that are pounding away at our inner strengths and beliefs.

Satan has blinded so many, many people with the fact that they are “better than some they know” or they have “done a lot of good deeds and they know the Lord will take that into account on accounting day”, or they are just “such good people” and they can name all the things they don’t do.  And believe me – they have a case. It is wonderful when you feel comfortable with someone, butttttttttttt.

If we believe the Bible then we have to believe ALL of the Bible not just the parts that make us “feel” good because it will not cut the mustard.

One of my favorite writers was Charles Spurgeon.  He delivered “Fields White for Harvest”, Sunday evening, July 29, 1866.

He pled with his congregation and here are a few of his words.

“Oh, my dear Hearers.  I would almost say if you are members of my church here and are doing nothing, get out!  Of what service can you be”!!

“Do something!  In God’s name, I charge you, do something or else be ashamed of your selves!  Hasn’t Christ done much for you”

I need say no more.  Souls are being lost every day.

Plowing onward.  Marge



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