Set to begin your time with God daily????

I surely hope you are.  I have launched my own Study for the year and invite you, if you don’t have one yet, to give this a try.  At least take a look at it and see if it might be for you in 2018. Romans 10:17 constantly reminds me that “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”.  So it all revolves around the Word and we have plenty of it – so let’s keep the mind/heart/soul factories up and running and using full gear!!

John Piper has used this for years and will be again this year.  I felt it had a fresh touch for me and I need that. I believe if we stick to the same old reading, same old commentaries, same old methods, same old developers of a program, we do not/can not grow and stretch our minds in order to fill our souls with the Word of God the way it should in our lives.

His program that he recommends highly is developed by NavPress.  It is entitled. The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan.  It has a bit different approach, in that we read from four areas of the Word daily and for 25 days each month.  If you find you get behind you have 7 days to do catch-up or you can take that time to memorize the Word. THERE ARE 17 PLANS TO CHOOSE FROM.  You can’t beat that for choices.  This is great!!! Choose a new way to study this year.  You will be glad you did.

In memorizing I use the program Loren developed for himself.  When he went Home, he had 50 rubber-banded groups of 10 cards each.  On each file card, he wrote out a verse and on the other side its address in the upper RH corner.  When he would have that verse/address memorized then he would get another verse and do the same.  When he had 10 memorized he would rubber-band them together.

Memorize – review.  Memorize – review.  Memorize – review.  ALWAYS and FOREVER  When?  In the car, waiting for me somewhere, at a doctor’s office, getting the tires rotated, halftime at a Suns TV game.  You name it. He did it.

Then once he had groups, he had to constantly review or he lost his momentum. So he could be reviewing several rubber banded groups at a time while still memorizing a new verse.

So along with my reading of the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan, I am also memorizing and also studying.  Three things memorizing/reading/studying; all at the same time.

Try to remember that you don’t have to think you have to understand every Word you read.  You don’t.  If we tried to understand God we would be way out in left field most of the time.  Remember He said, “My words are not your words nor are My thoughts your thoughts.”  We are simply puny people that He loved so much and He gives us every opportunity to get to know Him better and strive to be the person that He made us to be.

See what you think of the above. 2018 is off and running – let’s take every opportunity we have to learn more and more about the One we are planning on spending all of eternity with.  I CANNOT COMPREHEND THAT!!!!!!!

In His Hands and On His Road.  Marge

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