2018 !!!


It is the year I “celebrate” my Loren having been with his Lord for ten years~~~one decade.

It is the year I would have “celebrated” with my husband, our 51st anniversary~~~on February 14th. (I remember the day we were married:  minus 22 in the afternoon and at 10pm when we boarded the beautiful Canadian Rockies Train for Banff, it was minus 35).

It is the year I will remember our move to Tempe, AZ in August of 1978~~~forty years ago. (Little did I know we would have 30 years together in retirement). Those 30 years ended 10 years ago!!!

“Thanks be to God” for His Word that stands when all else crumbles~~~that remains strong when we feel weak~~~that keeps on fulfilling the needs in our lives when we feel empty and alone.

How about you!  Is God, in 2018, going to be your flashlight through difficulties – through good times and bad times – through health issues, family issues, business issues, and just plain “living” issues?  I hope so.

Loren had a quiet, gentle way that always seemed to surface. He loved his Lord so much. He is in His presence now forever.  How do I know? Through his actions.  The way he lived day by day and how he was strengthened by His might.

Yes, Lord!  Thank You that “You alone are our refuge, our place of safety;  You are our God. And we are trusting You” (Psa. 91:2).

Yes!  We are closer to the Lord’s return than ever before. For the New Year of 2018, may this be our goal ~~ all of us!!  That “I may know Him” (Phil. 3:10a)~~~~ That You “may know Him” (Phil. 3:10a)  Loren did!!


IMG_2225 2 In His Grasp.  Marge (and Od, too)











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