Christmas ~~~~is leaving the dust behind now

I really did look forward to the rest of my g’children (minus Tori of course) today.  Getting pictures are so very important.  I got one of the boys. I KNOW you are simply dying to see it.  Well.  Alright.  Here it is.


I know.  I am shrinking.  I am so proud of all the g’children.  Christmas was not the same this year.  What else is new.  With the back flaring up again it didn’t bring too much more than the heating pad and the wish for more of the Tylenol/Codeine.

Well, with the last wave-goodby as they all drove off today, as I walked inside, I picked up all the holiday things that were outside and brought them in – some to toss, some put away for another year if the Lord so tarries for me.

I was given a very good idea this year.  Buy simple things at Savers or Goodwill and then when the season was over, throw them away, literally.  That I did.  I even cleaned out the Christmas storage bin.  Got rid of all I would not use again and kept a lot that was really nice for this size place.  I must have thrown away at least 4 strings of lights.  They are not workable in this size place so why keep them!! With storage so very limited for me this was a super idea. And with the ability to go to Thrift Stores being so limited, what I have done was the right thing to do. Also got the closet cleaned out a bit too.  So tonite, at 6:40pm, all of Christmas is put away in the closet, or tossed out in the trash bin, or  in heart to remember.

So it is now on to the New Year and trusting the Lord for what it holds.  He already knows all about it.  I trust Him with the results.

I pray your Christmas time was a blessed one and may your New Year be exactly whatever the Lord decides for each day of 2018.  Happy New Year.  Marge

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