When I slow down I find ~~~~~~

~~~~~that I am so blest – and many times it is on the spur of the moment, too.  I have been wanting a “cuddle chair”.  In my senior world of the vocabulary, it is simply an over-sized, over-stuffed chair.  The seat is 24″. I have been looking for one off and on for the past few months – I knew a lady on campus here with one, but so what!!!!

Well, a long story short, she became very ill and after a short stay in the hospital, she is in another care center and can no longer be in her apartment here.  Her son was here this past week clearing out and selling things.  Another gal in the complex knew I was looking for one and she too knew that one was “next door to her”.

I had been looking at them and they begin at $450.00.  I began to try to decide just how high I would go because I wanted some idea before I got there.  He and I talked for quite a while actually.  After small talk for a bit, I asked him what he was asking for it.  He looked at it and then looked at me for a long minute.  Then told me that he would give it to me and let his mom know that I was the one who got it.  I WAS FLOORED.  I was very blest though.  Richard, our Maintenance man, brought it over for me and I had it here for my first holiday company when Lia brought over my G’son, Colby and his wife, Michelle.

Here is a picture of it. Of course, that is one of Od’s blankets on it. 🙂


I can use the arm for my study notebook and Od has plenty of room to stretch out while I study.


It fits beautifully in my living room.

Isn’t God so very good? I know He is concerned about everything I do, I think, I have. He gives so abundantly, in every way, shape and form. Annnnnnnnd, I need to add, there are times when I don’t get what I want, or someone else got there first, or….whatever. I thank Him then, not because I got it or didn’t get it, but because if I didn’t get it, He had a reason and that is good enough for me.

Always secure in Him.  Marge

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