That may be okay for you but silly to me~~~~

There are a lot of Scrooges around.  Some Senior citizens out here find Christmas cards “silly and useless – just something more to throw away” – – so I am told.

Yesterday a resident got 6 cards.  They took them and put them directly into the paper bin without opening them.  WHAT IF THERE WAS MONEY IN ONE OF THEM?

I was shocked. I told them I treasured cards and always had.  “They are just something else to throw away, along with all those asking for money”, they said.   I told them that each year for many years  we/I  would/do take the cards and put them in a basket and after our/my morning devotions we/I  did/do take a card from the basket, read it and pray for that person or persons.  Then the resident said, “That may be okay for you, but silly to me.”

How about you?  Are you one of these?  I feel sorry for you.  You are missing the greatest blessing of all.

The blessing!!?? After the hectic season is all over, you can take a card, wondering what has developed for that person or persons and lift them up to the Lord, Christian or non-Christian.  Makes no difference.

If they are a non-Christian the primary plea always is for their hearts to be softened and their eyes to become fixed on the only One that will matter the first non-breath they take after their death.

If they are a Christian, their need(s) are great no matter what stage of life they are in. But, in spite of their needs, they  can rejoice because we know that, “In your times of trouble, I want you to trust Me, so that I can rescue you, and you can give Me glory” (Psa. 50:15).

That is what it all about dear Reader.

Blessed Christmas weekend to you!  Marge

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