I have a friend who, sadly speaking, has no hobbies.  He did once upon a time – fishing.  What is that!!  I am talking about when your whole life changes because of various body changes and no longer can you do much of any thing except sit a while, walk some, sit again, read the paper.  You can do that only so many times and then what.  You start all over again ~~ sit a while, walk some, sit again, read the paper.  And on we go.

So it is with so many who have reached their mid 80’s and onward.  There is nothing for them.  They have worked hard all of their lives (that is true of the latter part of the generation that I live in) and their minds have shook hands with a new neighbor who has come to live for life, mainly~~~~Dementia and life changes quickly for them but their minds, not so quickly.

My husband was one who had seasonal “hobbies” , but he wasn’t limited by the seasonal bit.  He had so much in his life.  Watching professional golf, tennis, basketball, football, reading, (Golf magazine, Christianity Today, US News and World Report, the Wall Street Journal, and I could go on). But most of all the Word of God.  He had his own Bible – he studied and read.  He always had a group of file cards with a rubber band around them in his shirt pocket.  They were one of many groups of  Bible verses that he had memorized and would work on weekly to keep them in his mind.  Then he would always have a new verse that he was working on, as well.  Always looking for the way to come close to his Lord, realizing a fresh and a new every day that our lives were without merit when we strayed from our Maker.  He always lived on the threshold of  servant hood of his Master and Maker.

As I watched Loren closing the door on various rooms of his life, the one Door he did not close until the very end was that of his Bible that was always by his lift chair.  The reading of the newspaper went several weeks before the last day that he picked up his Bible and read from it.  On the Tuesday and Wednesday of his last week with me, I saw him pick up his Bible and place it on his lap. I had seen this so often but this time was different. He did not open it.  He shut his eyes with the Bible on his lap, still holding it in his hands.

A word of encouragement to all my readers.  This morning I was reading again as I often do Psalm 139.  I like the “Inspiration” part that Max Lucado wrote He said:

“The Master Weaver selected your temperament threads, your character texture, the yarn of your personality – – all before you were born.  God did not drop you into the world utterly defenseless and empty-handed.  You arrived full equipped.  The days fashioned …. Day of birth and day of death and  Days …. of difficulty and victory.  What motivates you, what exhausts you – – God authored … and authors …. it all.

“You are more than a statistical chance …. more than a marriage of heredity and society, more than a confluence of inherited chromosomes and childhood trauma.  More than a walking weather vane whipped out by the cold winds of fate.  Thanks to God, you have been sculpted from nothing into something (see verse 15).”

So ends part of Max’s writings on Psalm 139.

If that does not lift us high above the mundane world around us at this moment, I don’t know of any thing that could.  It certainly has helped me this week …. with some of the days that were mine.  I needed this.  How about you, too~~~~

In His Plans ….. always.  Marge


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