A Silent Morning this Monday Morning~~~

There are times when we have people come into our lives and we bloom and blossom around them.  Life is enjoyable and peaceful.  Other times we have people come into our lives and we wish we had never met them and long to have them out of our sight and out of our lives.

And so it is with me this Monday morning.  After several horrible weeks with one resident on campus here, with their using the worst of the worst language-usage and the icing on the cake ~~ a threat, I had the disappointment of all disappointments ~~ I stooped to their depth of vulgarness.  Oh, I never used bad language but I didn’t have to Instead of walking away I hit back with words.  Ah. Yes.  I am a Peter and a Martha!

The only salvation in it all was/is that God loved Peter and Martha and He loves me. I will never understand His thinking on that!!!  It is God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness that yields the peace that does pass all understanding.

Someone said to me today, “I wish I had your faith”.  How little I felt.  And yet ~~ how wonderful I felt because I knew that God does not stoop to my level except to pick me up and raise me higher than I was before because He gave so much to get me and I am valuable in his sight.  So are you~~~~ Don’t you ever forget it!!!

As I wrote to the one who had emailed me, “Faith cometh from hearing and hearing from the Word of God”.  These eleven words are God’s way of telling me and telling you – – – we are alright.  We are on the road with our eyes fixed on Jesus and though stumbling along the way seems to be a part of growth, it is truly just that – a part of our growth in becoming more like Him. And also~~~God speaks to us and works on us through His word. Get in His Word.  You say, “How?  Where do I begin?”  I love to begin with all of Psalm 139, then Psalm 23, then Psalm 103. Then go to the New Testament and read John 3:16, (John 3:16 was God’s gift to the world over 2000 years ago) John 3:16 is the reason we have Christmas time – it is NOT Santa Claus, reindeer, decorations and charge cards charged to the hilt!!!!!  Christmas is John 3:16 AND THAT ALONE!!!!All of John 14 and toward the end of the Bible you find 1John.

Let’s keep walkin’ this road together.  It will be worth it all when we see Jesus!

In His Hand and On His Road.  Marge

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