Merry Christmas to my Readers~~

I pray each of you will find the time – make the time, rather, to spend it with our Lord in prayer this coming week before Christmas.

Thank Him for keeping you through the past year.  Thank Him for His faithfulness to you when you were not faithful to Him.  Thank Him for being in your tomorrow.  He is already there and He promises to meet you there. Thank Him for the tough places you passed through in 2017 and for His presence every step of the way with you.  Thank Him for the changes that took place in your life.  If you have lost some one in 2017, Thank Him for His mercy, grace and peace that was yours even when you didn’t notice.

What a Savior we have in the Lord Jesus Christ!  If losses have been yours in 2017, wrap those good memories and place them in your Memory Bank to pull from in 2018.

I find life very different now.  Pleasantly so.  Not always explainable but it is a peaceful time.  That Memory Bank is powerfully important when the bottom has fallen out of your life. Without it, you will feel strangled and empty – unhappy, for sure.  When we move from one chapter of living our lives to the next it takes time, some times a long time, to settle in and be satisfied.  The longing can last a very long time.

It is a different time now.  There are times when I want to go back into my last chapter of life and pull out a page and paste it in my day’s schedule, but of course – – – it can’t be done.  We lose a lot of friends that we had in other times – in fact as we age, we find they have been called Home or simply passed away.  This past year I have had as many friends “called Home” as have simply “passed away”.  One friend, I asked if her husband had accepted the Lord – I knew their pastor had spent a lot of time with them and her response to me was, “I don’t know, we never talked about it”.

Music with me is occasional.  whenever I am needed I fill in.  And it is not explainable to any one really, but I can simply say whatever I am doing now, is alright.  If I do some music, great.  If I don’t, great.  I simply don’t have to have anything from my past that I once had.  I have been able to accept the giving of this chapter of life to me from my Lord and release the previous chapter into his care.  What He gave, He can take.  That goes with our losses of human life, as well.

What He gave – what He has given – is His and He can take it back at any time He deems ready to do. What is so very important is to know for sure that what is gone is with Him for all eternity.  That is ALL that is important in the end.

May you have mega blessings this coming week and into the New Year.  Remember, make that time to be alone with Him.

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psa. 46:10

In His Grasp.  Marge

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