Back from Breakfast and ~~~~

As I sit at my computer for a few moments, I can’t help but wonder ~~~~

….about life itself.

….about the quality of life that one has lived.

….about how the meeting of their Lord? and Savior? might have went.

….if they DID meet their Lord and Savior or….

I remember back several years ago when I was on the South Campus for the first time and how from time to time, consistently, people would pass away and as I was remembering them, what was my impression of them.  Were they a christian?  James tells us we will know them by their works.  Works do NOT save, but works are a result of our decision somewhere along the way. A lot of people on this campus seem to be sweet and really nice, but that is now – what was it like in other years!!!!

I learned this morning that out of 24 over at JT’s only 9 were out for lunch yesterday.  Bugs going around and touching all who have little resistance to them.  Coughs – AWFUL~~~~.

A gal whom I had known (sort’ve) in years past passed away and her memorial will be tomorrow.  I can’t help but wonder what she had been like through the years.  Seemed nice enough but………..

This is a place where we are accustomed to having the paramedics here almost daily and some times more than once.  It makes one think – – the future holds little of nothing once we have drawn our last breath.  But certainly our whole life comes into view when we have no more alternatives to survive by.  It is us and the Lord – – face to face – – and He will not be patting us on the back saying, “I understand – you did the best you could”. No. What we have done with Christ is the determining factor for our future. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. (Or … so says the Word)

I wonder how many really have given a thought to their life after their death. Better not delay.  One gal here, younger than I by a few years,  got up one morning and 30 minutes later had a stroke.  Never the same again.  Yes.  I wonder.  How many really have given a thought to their life after their death.

In His Grasp. Marge

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