It was a marvelous Sunday~~

I am doing the Prelude for three of the December Sundays and also accompanied a male trio today.  Fun.  Not the same.  No!  Different. Okay though.  It is kinda like making chocolate chip cookies.  The dough is the same but without the “chips” it just isn’t the same. (bad analogy, I know)

I have a Bible which I highly recommend because of the layout of the content.  It is not the regular “footnotes” but definitely more to my liking.  Each chapter, in every Book of the Bible, has four sections to it: Situation ~~ Observation ~~ Inspiration ~~ Application.  It is called The Lucado LIFE LESSONS STUDY BIBLE.  NKJV.

I was looking at the Hall of Fame, (Heb. 11)  and realized that not a one of them were mentioned because of any status of their own – they all had “dirty laundry”.  That is what is so wonderful.  It gives each of us the hope that we need.  The Lord comes to us and is willing to take us as we are, but He never leaves us “where” He found us.

As I closed the Book last night, I envisioned Moses, Abraham, Rahab, Peter, and dear John.  (John, you know, was the last of the disciples to live). Even Peter and Paul had died.

After his exile to Patmos, he took the pen and began to write.  He wanted all of us to be sure that we understood that God is light ~~ is love ~~ is life and that we are to love each other and fellowship with each other but he was very tight with his wording of fellowshipping with false teachers.  Absolute no-no.

I envisioned sitting with all of those mentioned above and asking “What was it like to be with Him?”  Perhaps, through my living room the road to Emmaus would become alive and as all those named above and me, with our latte’s, would suddenly find the “other Person” there as well~~~~~~~~~~ our eyes would be opened and we would see Jesus in all of His glory amongst us.

Ah ~~ yes.  What would He have said to each of us last night as I sat there wondering, envisioning, realizing ~~~~ Yes.  He would have spoken to us at that moment in time just as He will tonight when I open His Word and He teaches me what He wants me to know at this time in my life.  He is more than able ~~ to lay out for us exactly the Food of Life that He so graciously wants us to have.  Won’t you join me at that table? There is plenty of Food for all.

In His Hands.  Marge

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