“Welcome” to my new postings

I have heard that one is never too old to learn – so true.  These past weeks – past days, really, I have learned something about myself that will help me in the future.There are two words worth remembering:  Resilience and Resistance.  One of my worst “doings” has been to handle more than one thing in a day.  I just don’t have strength for it. Then I find myself saying, “no” instead of learning “how” to work around the areas of life in the 80’s and still keep on keeping on.

Being 80 is far different from being 70. Energy is beginning to go on vacation and yet the mind, (bless it!) continues to roll along and “want to” do everything that comes its way.

Resilience:  An ability to recover from or adjust easily to change.

Resistance:  The power or capacity to resist.  I like this one!  How is your resistance?  Does it have that kind of resistance to it?

I have learned in the past days that I do not have to give up everything just examine it and be sure to not plan any two things on the same day. Not long ago I was in church all morning and then out to a Retirement Center for chapel in the afternoon.  I would find myself coming home at 4pm, putting my things on a chair, laying down, waking up sometimes 2 hours later. Not a good idea.

Maybe you can learn from my lesson to – – whether you are in your 70’s, 80’s, or even early 90’s, keep on keeping on but take your speed down and begin to meander more and have less friction in the time factor of your life.

Because of my mind change – I can post again. I love writing.  And there does not have to be “either —-  or”  There simply needs to be some resistance to trying to do as I once did.  Those times can be classified and listed on the great shelves of memories to be cherished at another time.  I can have that in-depth Bible Study and do other things along with it by doing “both” with a time factor considered. If you have these kind of problems, give some thought to “Resilience” and “Resistance” – – they are a remarkable pair to live with!!

‘Til next time, then.  Marge

I do have a new email address.  mrhlrh214@gmail.com. You are welcome to stop by and chat at the new address – – any time!!!

Moments with Marge can now be found on margehumphrey.org

My MacBook Pro crashed – so I have no addresses, etc.  If you read my Blog and want to be notified when I post just let me know via my email address.

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